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Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Essay

The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in healthcare has become one of the main lifelines in the industry. The CIO is the most important person within an organization in regards to the collecting, organization, monitoring and securing of data. The CIO is a critical member of the executive leadership team. Charged with developing the organization’s strategy, he or she is responsible for leading the IT staff and ensuring overall compliance with all regulatory requirements. The CIO is also responsible for keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends as well as threats and being able to adapt the organization’s strategy to mitigate those threats. The CIO also facilities and drives change within the organization (Glaser & Williams, 2010). The CIO is responsible for establishing and maintaining many key relationships within an organization’s leadership team. They work to provide valuable input that helps shape the entire organization’s vision and path to success. The CIO reports consistently on the progress and development of all information technology (IT) projects, issues, and tasks. â€Å"They are the brain of the business-body, monitoring and regulating all the data that passes through. Without CIOs, a healthcare company would collapse under the weight of unprocessed information.† (Becoming a Healthcare CIO (Chief Information Officer), 2012) The CIO focuses on updating and optimizing existing systems while utilizing new systems effectively and efficiently. They are also responsible for updating and maintaining capabilities, strengthening policies and reworking procedures on a daily basis. The CIO is the front line of defense for protecting the organization against fraud and abuse, as well as securing all electronic patient health information (ePHI). The role of the CIO has evolved as the health care industry has faced changes with the dependency on  information technology. Figure 1. Chief Information Officer’s responsibilities within a health care organization. As shown in Figure 1, a health care CIO faces many challenges on a day-to-day basis. These challenges are in the form of maintaining existing systems, optimizing new systems, and protecting PHI. The role of the CIO will continue to evolve as the health care system changes and the dependency and regulations surrounding the role of information technology increase. References Becoming a Healthcare CIO (Chief Information Officer). (2012). Retrieved from Glaser, J. P., & Williams, R. B. (2010). The Definitive Evolution of the Role of the CIO. Journal of Healthcare Information management, 21(1), 9-11. Retrieved from

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Excerpt from The Once and Future King

â€Å"It was the unfair rape of their Cornish grandmother which was hurting Gareth—the picture of weak and innocent people victimized by the resistless tyranny—the old tyranny of the Gall—which was felt like a personal wrong by every crofter of the Islands.   Gareth was a generous boy.   He hated the idea of strength against weakness.   It made his heart swell, as if he were going to suffocate.   Gawaine, on the other hand, was angry because it had been against his family.   He did not think it was wrong for strength to have its way, but only that it was intensely wrong for anything to succeed against his own clan.He was neither clever nor sensitive, but he was loyal—stubbornly sometimes, and even annoyingly and stupidly so in later life.   For him it was then as it was always to be: Up Orkney, Right or Wrong.   The third brother, Agravaine, was moved because it was a matter which concerned his mother.   He had curious feelings about her, which he kept to himself.   As for Gaheris, he did and felt what the others did† (White, 223).The theme of this passage is the duty of man to fight against tyranny. The Orkney brothers recall the story their grandfather’s murder and of the forced marriage of Ingraine (the lady of Cornwall and their grandmother) to Uther the former king of Pendragon. These Orkney boys consider their grandparents to have been wronged by those connected to the Kings of England. Gawain goes on to say, â€Å"And this, my heroes [†¦] is the reason why we of Cornwall and Orkney must be against the Kings of England ever more, and most of all against the clan Mac Pendragon† (White, 223).In their mind it is their duty to continue being opposed to those who provoke and harm others. The story they tell is of immense importance to the plot, as they make an initial connection between the Orkney clan and the house of King Arthur. It places the boys in the place of victims and the reader suspects from this incident that despite their future places as knights in King Arthur’s court, they may end up being opposed to all that (they believe) Arthur stands for.The use of this image to support the theme highlights the fact that duty may rise up in the form of revenge against tyrannical acts. The graphic nature of the image shocks the reader to attention, yet it also highlights the irony of the position to which King Arthur has risen. Although the king is a decent person, the throne on which he sits is tainted by the unjust acts of past kings. The selected quote shows the level of challenge that awaits Arthur in gaining the trust of his subjects, despite the duty that he too has toward righting wrong.It hints that many of his subjects believe in the cruelty of kings and expect a high level of disregard from the ruler of their state. It also justifies Arthur’s desire for might to be use for right rather than for the sake of power, and it highlight’s Art hur’s own duty to fight for justice. It shows how people have truly been affected by the unjust actions of kings in the past, and legitimizes the selection of the well-meaning Wart as the divinely chosen King Arthur.

Bhavnath Temple Case Study

GOSAI NILESH H. DIVISION – A SUB: CASE OF BHAVNATH TEMPLE SUBMITED TO: Dr. D. R. D. Introduction: The case is all about an increasing irrigation facilities after independence but there was certain problems with the removing location of BHAVNATH TEMPLE which is between the dam and people don’t want to change place of temple with that there are some other issue also there. After independence in 1947, the both central & state government want overall economic development. In undivided Bombay province a proposal given to build dam on river. It calculated 4700 million cu. ft.Water to develop 92000 acre of land, In 3 district. To do that 8 villages are totally submerged and resettled at other place. This all require to providing new livelihood to people. The reservoir was to have catchments area of 230 sq. miles. The average rainfall was 34†. In this 1 plan the F. S. L. , was 592 H. F. L. was 596 and R. L. was 601. Directed irrigable area was 19300 acres and the indirect irrigation flow to some 73600acre. It yields 15. 83 lacks revenue per year. Agricultural production increase as 30400 tons. It was 147. 74 lacks. This project was fully feasible in the eyes of government.If plan 1 was accepted than temple was saved by using gates to save from flood. After making 1 proposal government made 2 proposal. In that, if all of three levels rose so that ultimate capacity raise to 1000 million cu. Ft. in that F. S. L. 595 &H. F. L. 606. By doing this the agricultural production increasing and irrigation facilities provide to larger areas. But in 2 plan temple could not be saved but people remained adamant in there demand. IN 1960 state of Bombay bifurcated and now Gujarat PWD department began to think about reopened the plan again.They find this scheme was good for development. The problem is that what should do to become success of this plan. Objectives: †¢ To build the dam, †¢ To increase agricultural production, †¢ Do ultimate overall devel opment Problems: †¢ Temple get submerged, †¢ Religious sentiments, †¢ Opposition by villagers †¢ People get displaced. Constraints: †¢ Location of dam †¢ Religious sentiment can’t be changed. Criteria: †¢ Cost should be minimized †¢ Maximum returns †¢ Minimum people affected †¢ Minimum time in implementation Alternatives: †¢ Plan 1 if no plan 2 †¢ Resettlement of affected people †¢ Wall around the temple Help from religious leader †¢ Convincing people about benefit †¢ Raising the height of temple Suggestion: From all above alternative we compare it with objectives, problem, and criteria we can suggest that to succeeding this scheme government should increasing level of temple by above than flood level with using good construction peeler so ultimately height of temple raised and they saved from flood. By doing so peoples are permit to build dam on river. Contingency plan: If it is not possible to build temple by construction of piller then take help from the religious leader. THANK YOU

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Art history- art of romanesque France Coursework

Art history- art of romanesque France - Coursework Example Latin fathers were Cyprian (bishop of Carthage), Tertullian Septimus, Ambrose the bishop of Milan, Jerome, Augustine, the bishop of Hippo and Gregory the great who was the bishop of Rome from 3rd September, 590 to death (Hughs, 2014). Their theological insights greatly shaped the course of the Christian history. These Latin fathers helped in understanding the Christian doctrine development throughout the millennia. Up to the modern era, their explorations of the scriptures have grounded biblical commentary (Lawrence, 2014). 3. Monasticism is whereby one renounces worldly pursuits to devote fully to Christian work. These included monks (male) and nuns (female). Monks and nuns accomplished many practical roles in the middle Ages. They nursed the sick, accommodated travelers, and assisted the poor. The abbots and abbesses offered advice to the secular rulers e.g. the monastery of Cluny under Abbot Odilo an abbot at the secular collegiate church of St. Martins at Tours (Hughs, 2014). Monasticism also offered the society a divine outlet and ideal with vital consequences for the medieval culture wholly. Monasteries also promoted learning, encouraged literacy as well as preserved the features of the ancient literature like the works of Virgil, Cicero, and Aristotle. Monastic composers also had a role in elevating the scope and complexity of choral music as well as creating the best environment for devotion (Lawrence, 2014). 4. The renaissance of the twelfth century had plenty of changes made at the outset of High Middle Ages including political, economic and social transformations with scientific and philosophical roots. The era is characterized by the rediscovery of ancient roman and Greek authors, a rebirth of classical learning as well as the Greek’s spirit of inquiry recovery (Lawrence, 2014). 1. As Duby wrote, in the medieval era, the pilgrimage routes were paths that were walked by kings, princes as well as ordinary peasants. As a result each town along the way

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Piero Gobetti On Liberal Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Piero Gobetti On Liberal Revolution - Essay Example In the book, Gobetti identifies two Italy. One of the Italy comprises of the enlightened and focus on modernity but it is small while the other comprises of the premodern is dominant and is characterized by traditionalism. Gobetti associates liberalism with other revolutionally movement. This essay focuses on my understanding of Gobetti’s ideologies in the book On Liberal Revolution. Gobetti live in the period after First World War when Italian liberalism had been abandoned and substituted by the great desire for power. The political figures were ready to hold to power at all costs. Gobetti criticizes this kind of life and advocates for revival of true liberalism. Gobetti addressed fascist political culture. This is because there had been quite a number of liberal governments but they had not put much effort in establishing liberalism. This had led to failure of liberal economics and culture. He felt that Italy had failed in its efforts of establishing a middle class that bene fited the nation as it had happened in Great Britain and France. He felt that the middle class had played a great role in establishing successful liberal societies. However, the middle class in Italy was ineffective. Gobetti valued class liberalism since he believed that it was capable of to bring radical change (Gobetti, Urbinati, & McCuaig, 2000). Gobetti was opposed to the decline of liberalism in Italy and his book is an agonistic reformulation of liberalism. In Gobetti’s opinion, conflict and not consensus is the foundation of social and political regeneration. He considered liberalism to entail continuous ethnic struggle against transcendental beliefs (Gobetti, Urbinati, & McCuaig, 2000). Gobetti insisted that liberalism was adaptable to different classes. Gobetti opposed fascism and claimed it was an accretion of all the iniquities facing the Italian society. Throughout the book, Gobetti defends the right of people to operate without the interruption of the state. He t hus directs his revolution liberalism to the political scenery in Italy. He opposes the negative and positive conceptions of liberty. He argues that political liberty is closely linked to political liberty. He advocate for liberalism, which allowed the entire society to make their decisions without arbitrary interference from the state (Gobetti, Urbinati, & McCuaig, 2000). However, he feels that the political environment in Italy was inappropriate for liberalism. Gobetti advocates for political education on historical them accept the spirit of liberalism. Gobetti’s ideas are greatly influenced by the struggles of workers in Turin and Gramsci’s vision of a factory based democracy. The liberal Revolution was greatly influenced by his disapproval of fascism. Gobetti adopts Mosca’s idea of the political system characterized by struggles by elites to attain offices of power. Gobetti uses this idea to explain disagreements over ideas between the different social force s in relation to the different forms of power (Gobetti, Urbinati, & McCuaig, 2000). He believed that the workers would lead successful liberalism. This was based on the significance he associated with the struggles of the workers. In Gobetti's opinion, Fascism was indicative of the historical failure of Italy’s political life. He believed that there had to be transformation in the economic as well as moral culture of the society for effective liberalism to

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Correlation between GDP per capita and immigration rates in Canada Essay

Correlation between GDP per capita and immigration rates in Canada - Essay Example Immigration often affect the employment of the native residents but mainly being determined by the role the host country’s residents play in the labor market (Nadeau 2011). Immigration is always caused by an individual decision to seek for a job opportunity and that is why the economy of the host country plays key role in instigating the immigration (Nadeau 2011). Especially when immigrants are very skilled labor they will be preferred over the host’s nations residents who might not be having both experience and skilled manpower. High growth in a country’s GDP means that more good things for a country and even though growth may not be the only requirement for better well being it is very essential because income and consumption is very important (Nadeau 2011). The cause for the rise of crisis within the employment sector as a result of immigration is partly due to the fact that immigrants create few employments opportunities as compared to the positions they are filling in. In Canada, immigration rate didn’t affect the country’s economic growth until around 1980s when it then started affecting unemployment rate (Grubel and Grady 2011). In the last 10 years, there had been over 240,000 immigrants into Canada per year who have become permanent residents by virtue of admission. In 2003 there were a total of 221, 300 but later in 2010 the figure rose to 280,600 a big rise indeed (Grubel and Grady 2011). Among this immigrants majority are women who make up over half the total number of those admitted. Immigrants being admitted have women that are more represented in comparison with the other gender. Women also do make big portion of those dependents on the immigrants. In the above mentioned period women have made up to 60.2 % in family category, this range from 58.6 percent to 60.2 percent over the last 10 years (Grubel and Grady 2011). On the side of economic applicants principal men outnumbered women. Despite the fact that women are smaller in number among the economic principal applicants in relation to men their figure have been rising steadily over the past few years starting from 26.1 percent in 2003 and hitting 40.2 later in 2011 (Grubel and Grady 2011). There are a proportion of immigrants whom they are women mainly who came in as live caregivers. Over the last 10Â  years (2002–2011), 68.5Â  percent (roughly 1.3 million) of all new immigrants aged between 15 and 64 indicating an intention to work upon arrival (Grubel 2009). This proportion ranged from a low of 66.4Â  percent in 2006 to a high of 70Â  percent in 2010. Furthermore, 38.8Â  percent of spouses and dependants of economic immigrants indicated an intention to work upon arrival, as did 99.8Â  percent of economic principal applicants. Across all categories, immigrant men (82Â  percent) are more likely than women (55Â  percent) to join the labour force upon arrival (Grubel 2009). Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita results fro m the GDP divided by the country population at the middle of the year. To find the GDP of a country, the cross value of all producers in the economy are added together plus any product taxes and subtract subsidies. The calculations do not consider the depreciation of assets or degradation of natural resources (Grubel 2009). The GDP calculation is normally done by the World Bank and IMF. The wealth of the country is normally determined by the GDP and in many occasions it does not reflect the real cost of living in a country. The GDP per capita for Canada for the last 10 years with percentage change is shown below. 2002 =$23,425=3.47 % 2003 =$27,335=3.06 % 2004 =$31,012=4.92 % 2005

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Domestic violence outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Domestic violence outline - Essay Example Domestic Violence (Outline) Table of contents Thesis statement Introduction and Background Statement of the problem Background and purpose Importance of the research Literature review Articles 1-5 Articles 6-11 Books 12-16 Methodology Study dynamic Study Limitations Power control theory Victimization Marginalization Theory description Examination of Data and Research Findings Ability to Explain Female Crime Causes of Domestic Violence So far, researchers have not been able to come up with one theory to explain why domestic violence takes place. However, there are various reasons that have been brought forward explaining why people especially women suffer in their spouses’ hands and fail to reiterate or extricate themselves from such relationships Brief description Economic factor Physiological factor Drug and alcohol abuse Social learning Consequences of Domestic Violence Gender violence as earlier stated has various consequences both to the victim and the criminal. Some of the consequences include: Premature death Unwanted pregnancies from forced sexual encounters. Permanent disabilities as a result of injuries sustained. Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDs, both to the victim and the criminal. Health and behavior problems in children who grow up in such relationships. Miscarriage in pregnant women. Breakage of marriages especially after a violent partner is imprisoned for the crime or else when a partner decides to extricate herself from violent relationship. Denial of fundamental human rights such as the freedom of speech, association and right to own property. Combating Domestic Violence In order to control this vice, joint efforts between the government, individuals, religious institutions and the society at large are essential. This section will discuss the roles of these entities in promoting respect among couples to ensure that the dilemma is washed out of the society. For example; The Government Religious organizations Individuals Society Socio-Economic Costs of Domestic Violence Correction and preventive costs Effects on labor as a result of consequences involved such as imprisonment, disability etc. Impact on social relations and quality of life Non-monetary costs Conclusions and Policy Implications References

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Are we really running out of oil Research Paper

Are we really running out of oil - Research Paper Example The OECD is made up of about 28 countries as of 2010, including countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia. The European Commission also â€Å"participates† in the work of the IEA as written or reflected in the IEA documents. From the perspective of the IEA, the summary situation is that â€Å"global production will peak one day, but that peak will be determined by factors affecting both supply and demand† (IEA, World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). IEA data and forecasts indicate that oil demand (excludes demand for biofuels as opposed to fossil fuels), will continue to grow steadily to reach 99 million barrels per day (mb/d) by 2035 or 15 mb/d higher from 2009. In the IEA estimate, all of the net growth will come from non-member of the OECD, about half from China alone. The rise in demand from non-OECD member countries will be mainly driven by demand for transport fuels (IEA, World Energy Outloo k 2010 Executive Summary, 6). Given the estimated rise in demand to 99 million barrels per day by 2035, global oil production will only reach 96 million barrels per day (mb/day), 3 mb/d of which will come from gains in processing efficiency (IEA, World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). ... ation of Petroleum Exporting (OPEC) countries to rise continuously up to 2035 under the â€Å"New Policies Scenario† (IEA, World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). The increasing production from OPEC will boost OPEC’s share in total world oil production by about one-half (IEA, World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). Iraq will account for the largest share in the increase of OPEC oil output, â€Å"commensurate with its large resource base† (IEA, World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). The statements from the IEA suggest that the immediate decreases in output in oil production will be coming from the non-OPEC countries rather than from the OPEC countries. In clarifying what it means by â€Å"global production will peak one day, but that peak will be determined by factors affecting both supply and demand,† the IEA clarified that in the â€Å"New Policies† scenario, total world production does not peak before 2035 (although it will be â€Å"close to doing so†). However, according to the IEA, production can peak at 86 mb/d just before 2020 because of weaker demand that falls briskly thereafter because of lower prices (World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). The scenario of a weak demand can come about because of environmental concerns related to global warming. In summary, the IEA said that â€Å"if governments act more vigorously than currently planned to encourage more efficient use of oil and development of alternatives, then demand for oil might begin to ease soon and, as a result, we might see a fairly early peak in oil production† (World Energy Outlook 2010 Executive Summary, 6). The IEA strongly emphasized that the early peak in this scenario will not be caused by resource constraints but by dwindling demand and price realignments

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I. The CEO of the company believes that the company should incorporate Essay

I. The CEO of the company believes that the company should incorporate fair value accounting from next year while preparing and - Essay Example The other stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, and stockholders also find fair value accounting more realistic in predicting the trends in business. It is, therefore, easier to ascertain if the business is a going concern concept is on course or otherwise. According to the international accounting standards, fair value refers to the value of an asset or liability, which forms the basis of exchange between willing parties trough arm’s length production. In other words, in free market transactions the fair value is equal to the market prices, which is determined by the forces of demand and supply. The fair value accounting has several models, which include equity approach, mixed approach, income approach, and full fair value. The equity approach incorporates the realized and unrealized profit or losses in the revaluation reserve (Bazley & Hancock, 2013). When any transaction is realized, the changes in fair value will be reflected under equity. Under equity approach, not a ll the realized gains have any effect on the income statement. The mixed approach on its part, allows all changes in the unrealized fair value to be incorporated in the income statement while the changes in the realized profits or losses are reflected in the income statement as opposed to equity. On the other hand, income approach takes into consideration in the income statement, all the changes in the fair value because of holding losses or gains (Britton & Jorissen, 2007). Finally, under full fair value model, all the changes are incorporated in the income statement including the internally generated goodwill. Proponents of fair value asserts that historical approach has lost its meaning since it does not take into consideration the relationship between market capitalization and the firm’s reported financial performance. For instance, if the firm depreciation policy is based on historical cost accounting, then it becomes increasingly hard to determine the actual market valu e of equity net worth for the firm. Moreover, it is very hard to ascertain the true financial position of the firm if the firm values its assets based on historical cost accounting (Britton & Jorissen, 2007). On the other hand, the opponents of fair value accounting approach asserts that fair value accounting cannot bridge the gap between market value of all equity and market capitalization. The reason for this is that most accounting practices through the fair value approach do not report the internally generated good will. Due to this fact, it becomes increasingly hard to have a convergence between net assets of the business and the market value for the business. The debate on historical cost and fair value accounting takes into consideration the concept of reliability and relevance. The fact that fair value accounting approach incorporates existing market conditions; it has a better platform to predict the future patterns of the business as compared to the historical approach to accounting. It is therefore widely viewed that historical approach is the most relevant approach used to determine the net assets. However, when the assets are held to maturity, the historical cost approach becomes more relevant since fair value appro

Lipstick product ethical analysis Research Paper

Lipstick product ethical analysis - Research Paper Example Since the primary objective of a business is seen as profit-making, these issues are hardly considered despite their harmfulness to either health of environment. For that reason, this paper intends to investigate one of the lipstick products, Maybelline to be precise, and offer recommendations on ways to change the process if need be. Maybelline, like any other product, undergoes a series of stages before it has been disposed including extraction, production, distribution, consumption and eventually disposal. First, the extraction process of Maybelline, just like other lipsticks, starts with the gathering of the necessary materials before the mixing process is initiated. Some of the materials used in the extraction process include the oils, emollients, pigments and waxes. Emollients are responsible for the texture and color that Maybelline comes with. Once the gathering of these materials has taken place, the next stage entails the production of the complete product. Here, all the ingredients are ground before undergoing a heating process after which the already-heated waxes are usually added to the mix. Then, lanolin and other oils are added as per the specifications to the mix. Once this is done, different metal molds are used where this liquid is poured. The last two steps see the chilling and cooling of the l ipsticks in a bid to harden them, and a second heating occurs with an aim to create a shiny appearance whilst removing any imperfections (Monnot et al. p.253). While there are claims that Maybelline is lead-free, there has been no concrete evidence to prove this claim. In fact, it had been noted that many of the red lipsticks contain a significant amount of lead with a US consumer group reporting that 60% of the lipsticks that were tested in 2007 had higher levels of lead than the ones allowed (Lemaire p.2265). Also, Maybelline lipstick was among the top ten lipsticks containing a

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Internship Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Internship Question - Essay Example There are numerous brands of GIS software employed in GEOINT and cyber security, namely; Google Earth, ERDAS IMAGINE, GeoNetwork open source and Esri ArcGIS. This essay focuses on the Geographic Information System capabilities of current cyber security products. In the middle of a developing awareness that the geospatial facet of IT framework can play a vital role in protecting systems and networks, several companies are creating contributions that integrate those two facets. The rational mapping of cyber-framework has been regarded a good exercise for securing and controlling data and network assets for momentarily. This sort of mapping displays how assets are integrated in cyberspace and how information is transferred from one location on the network to the other without esteem to their physical closeness. Furthermore, a geospatial facet to network mapping may appear redundant at first, because the security highlighting in past few years has been to adopt layers of software (Trendmicro, 1). Geospatial technology can be implemented anywhere in cyberspace from a central control setup. Comprehending the coming together of cyber security and geospatial intelligence starts with the fact that not all attacks to IT infrastructure happen in cyberspace. Deeds of damage or combat or natural calamities can have an effect on wide-ranging systems and networks. Understanding where these are happening in the geographical world allows companies to repair them and work around bleached infrastructure constituents until they are repaired. It also facilitates companies to implement geographical 2fences to cyber-assets (Buxbaum, 1). Apart from that, integrating cyber security with geospatial enables a much more complex comprehension of systems and their attacks and liabilities than the rational mapping. Identifying the geospatial site of the source of a threat can give hints about who are the perpetrators of

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Critical response - Of mice and men Essay Example for Free

Critical response Of mice and men Essay Within The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck the reader is presented with a selection of sad, lonely individuals who have no families. As soon as the novel starts, the author creates a picture of the surroundings in the readers mind the river drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green this gives the reader a feeling of peace at mind. The reader is then presented with George, a small man with strong features, and Lennie, a gentle person who enjoys who enjoys the company of a pet. In the novel Lennie continuously gets the pair into all sorts of trouble and by the end of the novel George has no choice but to shoot Lennie, due to the fact that he murdered an innocent woman, who happened to be Curleys wife, the bosss son. It soon becomes apparent that the theme of loneliness is illustrated through characterization between the main characters. The first character we are introduced to is Lennie. Lennies character is illustrated by his mental immaturity. Blubberin like a baby? Jesus Christ a big guy like you! The reader first sees that Lennies loneliness and need for companionship during his journey to the ranch. What you want of a dead mouse? , to which Lennie responds maybe I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along. Lennie wants to carry a dead mouse round as a constant companion. This shows how desperate he is to feel loved and to have a friend. One of the characters that illustrates loneliness is a man named Crooks. Crooks is a colored man s been isolated from the rest of the ranch due to the fact that he is a nigger. The reader feels sympathy for crooks because he has his own shelter and has no friends. As soon as a white man enters his shelter, Crooks initial reaction is to tell them to get lost I dont want to know. This again shows the reader that Crooks is a lonely individual. Another character that emphasizes the theme of loneliness is Curleys wife. To the readers surprise, the author never gives Curleys wife a name. This reinforces the fact that Curleys wife is there to look after Curley and that she is not important to anybody else but himself. It also shows that the other ranchers are not used to talking to other woman. Curleys Wife is generally considered to be a tramp by the men at the ranch and shamelessly uses sex to intimidate the workers. She married Curley so she could leave home and be spoilt with gifts and do whatever she wanted. However it is obvious that this did not happen and she hates her husband. . She still holds some hope of a better life, by claiming that she had the chance to become a movie star in Hollywood. Another interesting character is Candy, an old man who only has a dog to keep him company. Candy is the oldest out of all the other ranchers, who has only one hand because he lost the other hand in an accident on the ranch. Candy is a frail person because he has had to work on the ranch for so long because he has no friends. There comes a sad point in the novel when candys dog is shot because he is giving off a bad odour. This shows the readers that the ranchers dont care for anyone else but themselves and that they have a short temper. This incident seems to put Candy down more because he now has no companion. In addition to this, Candy feared that he was going to be on the ranch until he died. This image is reinforced when he ws caught ease dropping on George and Lennie I didnt here nothin you guys was saying. I was just standing in the shade scratching my dog. Although the novel is filled with men trying to earn money so that they can fulfill their dreams, it is obvious that the main theme of the novel is loneliness. This is illustrated through the sad, traumatic, lonely characters that work on the ranch. The entire novel is devoted to reinforcing the main theme, loneliness, and therefore creating sympathy for the characters on the ranch.

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The simplest form of bridge the beam bridges

The simplest form of bridge the beam bridges Beam Bridges The beam type of bridge is by far the simplest and the beam type of bridge is also the most common. You probably see beam bridges often. A beam bridge is just a beam supported by pillars or columns. Materials and Construction Beam bridges are commonly built from concrete. Beam bridges are also made of steel, or a mixture of steel and concrete. They often are made in sections, or boxes, where they are attached at the site of the bridge. The boxes are made out of steel and concrete or just concrete. Arch Bridge: In this type of bridge, the weight is carried outward along two curving paths. The points where the arch reaches the ground keep the bridge up by resisting the outward thrust. The roadway is located on top of the arch. Suspension Bridges: Suspension bridges bridge the unbridgeable. In a suspension bridge, cables which are suspended via towers which support them hold up the road deck. The weight is transferred by the cables to the towers, which then in turn transfer the weight to the ground. Materials and Construction The amount of towers on suspension bridges can vary, but a suspension bridge MUST have at least two towers. When possible, these towers are built on ground. However, there are methods for making floating towers that are secured. Towers are usually built with hollow steel boxes, but some are built with concrete. Cantilever Bridge: Cantilever bridges depend on counterbalances. Counterbalances are weights used to balance another weight. They consist of two or more (which many cantilever bridges have at least four) arms that equally balance each other, almost like a perfectly balanced see-saw. Often, the part of the bridge that leads to the first cantilever is just a beam bridge. Materials and Construction Some use one arch to connect (and essentially act as) the arm. Others just have arms and a roadway, or arms, a roadway, and cables that work like a cable-stayed bridge. Cantilever bridges are built in a way similar to beam and arch bridges, depending on how the bridge is designed. Truss Bridge: A truss bridge is a bridge composed of connected elements (typically straight) which may be stressed from tension, compression, or sometimes both in response to dynamic loads. Truss bridges are one of the oldest types of modern bridges. The basic types of truss bridges shown in this article have simple designs which could be easily analysed by nineteenth and early twentieth century engineers. A truss bridge is economical to construct owing to its efficient use of materials. Our bridge design: Our bridge design is modelled after the Warren truss bridge design. The project has a light weight design; this is to ensure not to go over the weight requirement. This structure is easy to construct and, shown by the force analysis, can distribute loads efficiently.

Ecological Systems Theory, Urie Brofenbrenner

Ecological Systems Theory, Urie Brofenbrenner The ecological systems theory of human development is proposed by Urie Brofenbrenner, a Russian American psychologist. In this theory, he stated that everything in a child and also the surrounding environment can affect the child development (Oswalt, 2008). He also developed this theory to comprehend the relationship between the child, the family, teachers, and the society (Growth and Development Theory, 2013). This ecological systems theory is divided into few different levels which are micro system, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem and chronosystem. The first level is micro system which is the small immediate environment that is directly connected to the child (Sincero, 2012). As an example, a child has the closest relationship with his parents and family which also can influence the childs development mentally or physically. The relationship between the child and the teachers, friends or also neighbours is also considered to be in the micro system. Next, mesosystem includes the interaction between two microsystems such as the relation between the childs home and the school (Growth and Development Theory, 2013). Exosystem is the level which includes other people and also places that may have no direct interaction with the child but still affects the childs development like his parents workplace, the neighbourhood or even the extended family members (Oswalt, 2008). Macrosystem is a larger level consists of the cultural contexts like ethnicity or other influences such as economic influences and cultural influences (Sincero, 2012). Every environmental event and transitions occur in an individuals life is included in the chronosystem (Sincero, 2012). The events such as marriage, divorce or others that can affect someones life are the examples of this system. 1.2 How does Urie Brofenbrenners ecological systems theory affect the child development? As I have already explained before about this ecological systems theory by Brofenbrenner in the previous page, this theory can actually affect the child development. According to Doll-Yogerst (2011), this model of the ecological systems recognizes that a childs development is affected by the settings and also affects the surrounding in which he spends his time every day. The relationship of the child and the microsystem can also give impact in both directions which is being called as bi-directional influences (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). For example, a childs parents may affect his behaviour or belief but he can also affect his parents behaviour or belief. Particularly, his family is the most essential setting because he spends his time mainly with the family and it has the most influence on him especially the emotion (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). This situation shows that a childs development is influenced the most by his family, if one of his parents is working as a doctor and he understands it a s doctors are good people since they help others, it may gives him the idea to be just like his parent in the future. There are also other important settings that may influence the childs development such as his extended family, teachers, peers, child care centre, school, and preschool or kindergarten (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). These settings are directly interacting with the child because he will encounter his teachers when he is at the school, or playing with his peers in the neighbourhood. The childs development is based on how he experiences while spending time in all these settings (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). It is can be seen in the situation where the child may have stumbled upon a bad experience while playing at the playground that will probably make him to avoid playing at the playground anymore or even good experiences he has that will affect his development. Other than that, a child involves in many microsystems (Bronfenbrenners Microsystems, n.d.). Each of the microsystem interacts with each other which also can be called as mesosystem. The number of quality interactions between settings also has important implications for a childs development (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). For instance, the parents and the teachers at school are both considered as microsystem from the childs point of view. These two microsystems will interact with each other in such situation like parents-teachers conference that usually being held in school. The child probably acts differently in school than at home since he is surrounded by his peers. If the child is having any difficulties or problems at school, the teacher will tell the problems to his parents so that they will acknowledge how their child is doing at school. This interaction between both parties is important that will reflect on the childs development. The other external environments that may have indirect connection with the child but still give huge impacts on him are included in the exosystem level (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). This exosystem level is when the settings that may be unknown to the child for example the parents workplace or colleagues will affect his growth. It can be exemplified in the situation when the parents coming back home with the stress that they get at their workplaces that will influence the childs thoughts (Doll-Yogerst, 2011). Besides that, the government, the economical factors, the mass media can also affect the childs development. For instance, the child is influenced by the animation series on television that leads him to follow what the characters are doing. The largest system in this theory is the macrosystem which consists of the most remote of people and things to a child nevertheless still has a great influence for the child (Oswalt, 2008). This includes cultural values, customs and laws (Ecological S ystems Theory, n.d.). As an example, the child has been raised by following the national laws that drugs are illegal or murder is a crime that will make him obey and acknowledge which is wrong and which is right. The events that happen during the transitions over a lifetime are called chronosytem, which means everything happens in a childs life while he is growing up that may changes his perception. 1.3 How does Urie Brofenbrenners ecological systems theory apply children in preschool and early primary levels. The ecological systems theory is somehow applied to the children in preschool and early primary levels. Horowitz-Degan claims that the childs behaviour can be analyzed by using the environmental influences, as well as the cognitive factors (as cited in Bronfenbrenners Ecological, n.d.). This situation can be seen in preschool or primary school, where the class acts as the microsystem that will give influences to the child. As an example, if a teacher walks into a classroom brightly, it will automatically sets up the mood of the classroom to be warm and friendly which will positively affect the childs cognitive sphere of influence then next encourage the process of learning (Van-Petegem, Creemers, Rossel, and Aelterman, 2005). For instance, a teacher teaches the students excitedly and happily in the classroom, the students will have more interest to listen to the teacher because they have been influenced by the positive vibes from their teacher. In addition, Van-Petegem defines that t he teachers behaviour can also affect the students and can be a model for the consideration of the feelings of others and the value of interactions (as cited in Bronfenbrenners Ecological, n.d.). This shows that this ecological systems theory gives effect on the childs social development in mircosystem which also can be increased through the encouragement given by the teacher. Furthermore, in the preschool centres or primary schools, there will be a playtime provided that will develop the motor skills development in the children (Brofenbrenners Ecological, n.d.). Activities such as creating craft, indoor arts like drawing, colouring or painting can also help in the growth of the students motor skills. While in the classroom, the students will be given the opportunity to speak up their opinions that may give influence to the other students who are listening to the opinions and it will help them in the intellectual development. This is because the students will start thinking about the opinions and try to relate to the knowledge that they already have. If there is an argument happen in the class, the students will try to convey their thoughts to the teacher that will also give a huge impact to them intellectually since they use their minds to counter the argument. Besides, the issues associated with the adults who are involved in the effect of the childs mic rosystem despite of the child have no direct connection to the exosystem (Brofenbrenners Ecological, n.d.). If the parents are having problems at the workplace, it will influence the child at home. Parents may be spend more time on solving their work issues that probably make the child feels that he is being ignored which affects his emotional development. The development of children will also be affected in the macrosystem even though it is the largest layer of ecological systems theory (Brofenbrenners Ecological, n.d.). In this level, the child is influenced by the cultural values that give impact on the social development. 1.4 Summary of Urie Brofenbrenners ecological systems theory. To sum up, the ecological systems theory by Urie Brofenbrenner does apply to child development including the children in preschool and early primary levels. This theory helps the children in intellectual development, emotional development and especially, the social development. Each of the levels in the ecological systems model, microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem and chronosystem, interact with each other to help the childs development. As adults, we need to observe how the child is growing and we need to bear in mind that everything in a childs surrounding has the probability to influence their growth. Parents should be more concern about their childs microsystem in school and spare more time communication with them and not only focusing on work or career.

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The Economics Of Life And Death :: Economic Theory

The Economics Of Life And Death This paper begins with an explanation of the "life sequence of value," which is defined by the formula Life->Means of Life->More Life (L->MofL->L1). The analysis then contrasts this general sequence of value to the "money sequence of value," which is shown to have three autonomous forms not before distinguished: (1) Money->Means of Life->More Money ($->MofL->$1); (2) Money->Means of Life Destruction->More Money ($->MofD->$1); (3) Money->More Money->More Money ($->$1->$2->$3->$n). I explain how the first money sequence of value, analyzed by Marx in his classical formula of industrial capital (M->C->M1), has mutated so that the standard sequence of (1) assumed by economists has, in fact, been increasingly displaced by sequences (2) and (3). The argument shows that these sequences of economic "growth" increasingly dismantle environmental and civil life-fabrics, but remain unproblematic to the dominant economic paradigm whose measures of value do not register life-losses in their value a ccounts. It is concluded that a regrounding of economic understanding in the life sequence of value is required to avoid a cumulative breakdown in the conditions of social and planetary existence. "The techniques which induce a paradigm change may well be described as therapeutic, if only because, when they succeed, one learns one had been sick before." - Thomas Kuhn (1) The life sequence of value can be formulated in simple axiom as the sequence: Life --> Means of Life --> More Life ( L--> MofL -->L1) In this formula, life refers specifically to sentient life. Sentient life, in turn, is life which can move, feel and - in the case of humans - think in concepts. These three planes of being - organic movement, sensation and thought - all admit of ranges of function. These ranges of function or capability can be reduced by their economic conditions (as with the vital capabilities of a malnourished child), or increased (as with the opening horizons of movement, felt being and cognition of the same child with access to nutritious food). (2) Means of life refer to whatever enables life to be preserved, or to extend its vital range on these planes of being alive. Clean air, food, water, shelter, affective interaction, environmental space and accessible learning conditions are such "means of life". To reproduce life is to maintain its achieved ranges of capability. To increase life is to widen or deepen them to more comprehensive range. To reduce life is to diminish or to extinguish any vector of their vital domains of being.

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Not the Sound of Silence Footnoting the Pop/Rock Sounds of the Library :: Essays Papers

Not the Sound of Silence Footnoting the Pop/Rock Sounds of the Library While in the University of Arizona's Music Library evaluating their reference collection for a class project, I came across the following book and annotated it for my pathfinder: Green, J. (2002). The Thematic Guide to Popular Music, Nashville: Professional Desk References. This massive guide categorizes music by lyrical theme(s) and/or song titles. For instance, there are listings of songs by days of the week, women's first names and cities around the world. The perennial themes of love, romance and relationships are broken down into 25 sub-categories. Paging through it spurred me to wonder about songs written about or songs referring to libraries or librarians. While there were song listings galore referring to books (e.g., "Book of Love" by the Monotones and "Little Red Book" by Burt Bacharach/ Hal David), librarians and libraries were not even a category, subcategory or even crossed-referenced! This void gave me the impetus to do my own brief exploration and survey, drawing upon the vast resources of the web, friends, and my record collection, of the brief instances where the music world danced in library land. Tori Amos-"Tales of a Librarian" Classmate and Health Science librarian Virginia Sanchez filled me in on this one. I looked it up on and found it was a collection of her hit songs. The record reviewer MacKenzie Wilson even writes, "Tales of a Librarian: A Tori Amos Collection is not only one of the most intriguing titles for a hits compilation, but the package itself captures only the best from Amos' years spent with Atlantic." BiblioTech editor Lori Ito Hardenbergh recently mentioned that songs on this album are even organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system! Check out the following link from Library Journal, which succinctly provides "an abstract" to her recorded tales: The Librarians A now defunct power-pop band from Oakland, CA who used librarian stereotypes as part their shtick. For example, their band logo includes an illustration of a pair of black-framed glasses with one shattered lens. A photograph of the same motif appears on the back cover of their lone CD (properly clogging the used CD racks of the Bay Area). While they do have a song titled "Peace & Quiet, " I would have bestowed them all with "Superstar Reader" awards if they recorded a concept album where every song had a library theme.

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Mahathir’s Foreign Policy

The Foreign Policy of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad during his premiership During eighties of last century, Malaysia was not widely known by the world. Only a few of politicians might hear about Malaysia not as an economic power, but as an agricultural country which is the main supplier of crude palm oil. This situation changed when Tun Dr. Mahathir became the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia who has changed how the world judges and treats Malaysia. Besides of Tun Dr. Mahathir’s enormous contribution on economic sector, in foreign affairs also Tun Dr. Mahathir was also a giant of the times during his premiership.During his 22 years of premiership, he successfully transform Malaysia become one of the Tiger Cub Economies after Four Asian Tigers. As one of the important spokesman in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), he aggressively promotes overall construction of ASEAN countries. This is a significant step to ensure the benefits of small countries are being protected b y forming a unified action guideline when having disputes with great power. In order to against with European Union and Organization of American States, there is a need for Asia countries to form regional alliances to protect loose countries’ benefits.This is what exactly the purpose of founding ASEAN. In spite of Tun Dr. Mahathir was not welcomed by western country during his premiership, yet his â€Å"Look East Policy† has inspired many Asia countries to learn from Japan and South Korea, not only blindly followed what western countries have done. This is highly related with Asian values, where it has catalyzed the progress of Look East Policy. In fact, Tun Dr. Mahathir did not neglect the influences of western country especially United States of America. He believe that USA is the main reason to ensure peaceful of Southeast Asia region, the deployment of the U.S. fleet in the Pacific is necessary yet at the same time he insist that no massive troops should be deploym ent at ASEAN. This is actually how Tun Dr. Mahathir weighs the influences of USA to benefit Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. Early in this century, as a sensible leader in Islamic world Tun Dr. Mahathir encourages the unity of Islamic world towards greater prosperity. He has been anti-state terrorism and anti-war all along his premiership and after Incident 911, he has suggested USA to set up a counterterrorism center in Malaysia.In issues of Israel and Jews, Tun Dr. Mahathir was a staunch supporter of Palestinian cause and he also named Israel as â€Å"the enemy allied with most powerful nations†. He condemns Israel who killed thousands of Muslims while some Jews are supporters to those killers. As a summary, the overall foreign policy under Tun Dr. Mahathir premiership is basically regional approach where most of his foreign policy is targeting prosperity of entire Southeast Asia. In spite many condemns from many people, yet Tun Dr. Mahathir still an excellence diplomat in heart of Malaysians.

Geographic Factors

geographic features be the components of the Earth. There be ii types of geographic features, namely natural geographic features and staged geographic features. natural geographic features include scarcely are non limited to land unionizes and ecosystems. For example, terrain types, bodies of peeing, natural units (consisting of entirely founds, animals and micro-organisms in an area functioning together with exclusively of the non-living physical factors of the environment) are natural geographical features. Meanwhile, human stoppages, engineered constructs, etc. re types of sentimental geographical features. Contents hide 1 Natural geographical features 1. 1 Ecosystems 1. 2 Landforms 2 Artificial geographical features 2. 1 Settlements 2. 2 Engineered constructs 3 Cartographical features 4 correspond similarly 5 References editNatural geographical features editEcosystems of import condition Ecosystem Any unit that includes all of the organisms (ie the community) in a disposed area the physical environment so that a flow of energy leads to distinctly defined trophic structure, biotic diversity, and real cycles (i. e. exchange of materials between living and inanimate intermits) within the system is an ecosystem. 1 Living organisms are continually engaged in a set of relationships with every other part constituting the environment in which they exist, and ecosystem describes any place where there is relationship between organisms and their environment. What makes them geographical features is that they are located A biome is a geographically defined area of ecologically similar communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms, often referred to as ecosystems.Biomes are defined based on factors much(prenominal)(prenominal) as plant structures (such as trees, shrubs, and grasses), leaf types (such as broadleaf and needleleaf), plant spacing (forest, woodland, savanna), and climate. Unlike ecozonse, biomes are non defined by genetic, taxonomic, or diachronic similarities. Biomes are often identified with concomitant patterns of ecological succession and climax vegetation. An ecosystem is too where animals live in biomes(Ocean, Deserts, Grasslands and so on) editLandformsMain oblige Landform A landform comprises a geomorphological unit, and is by and large defined by its surface form and location in the landscape, as part of the terrain, and as such, is typically an element of topography. Landforms are categorised by features such as elevation, slope, orientation, stratification, rock exposure, and soil type. They include berms, mounds, hills, cliffs, valleys, rivers and numerous other elements. Oceans and continents are the highest-order landforms.A body of piss is any significant accumulation of water, ordinarily covering the Earth. The term body of water most often refers to large accumulations of water, such as oceans, seas, and lakes, nevertheless it may also include smaller pools of water such as po nds, puddles or wetlands. Rivers, streams, canals, and other geographical features where water moves from one place to some other are not always considered bodies of water, moreover are included here as geographical formations featuring water. editArtificial geographical features editSettlements Main article Human settlement A settlement is a permanent or interim community in which people live. A settlement can range in size from a small scrap of dwellings root worded together to the largest of cities with surrounding modify areas. The medieval settlement research group (a British organisation)2 includes as part of a settlement, associated features such as roads, enclosures, field systems, spring banks and ditches, ponds, parks and woods, mills, manor houses, moats and churches. editEngineered constructs Main articles kink engineering, Building, and Nonbuilding structure See also theme Engineered geographic features such as highways, bridges, airports, railroads, buildings, dams, and reservoirs, which are part of the anthroposphere because they are man-made, are artificial geographic features. editCartographical features Main articles Cartography and MapCartographical features are a type of abstract geographical feature they appear on maps but not on the planet itself, as yet though they are located on the planet. For example, you can see the Equator on maps, but if you were actually standing on the Equator you wouldnt be able to see it, because it is an entirely hypothetical line used for reference, navigation, and measurement. editSee also geographics Physical geographics Human geography Landscape editReferences Odum EP (1234534971) of ecology, third editionSaunders New York MSRG

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Properties of Solutions Essay

A closure is a com multifariousness of worldlys, one of which is unremarkably a unruffled. A fluid is a bodily that flows, such as a transp atomic turn 18nt or a hitman. The fluid of a termination is usually the effect. The material other(a) than the firmness of purpose is the solute. We say that we dissolve the solute into the reply. Some dissolvers argon so ballpark to us that we fuddle them a unique name. A consequence of peeing and sugar is called syrup. A resultant role of atomic build 11 chloride ( harsh table salt) in body of weewee is called brine. A sterilized specific constriction (0.15 bulwarkar) of sodium chloride in water is called saline. A root of carbon dioxide in water is called seltzer, and a ascendant of ammonia shove off in water is called ammonia water. A solution is tell to be deprave if on that point is less of the solute. The swear taboo of adding much final result to a solution or removing roughly of the solute is called dilu ting.A solution is said to be concentrated if it has to a greater extent solute. The appendage of adding more solute or removing some of the consequence is called concentrating. The stringency of a solution is some measurement of how much solute there is in the solution. It might initially offend your sensibilities to compute a solution in which the solvent is a heavy weapon or a truehearted. The molecules of a gas do not have much interaction among them, and so do not participate to a large extent in the profligacy process. impregnables ar difficult to weigh as solvents because there is a lack of doubt of the particles of a solid relative to all(prenominal) other.There are, however, some high-priced reasons to peck some kinds of these fibres as solutions. The molecules of a gas do knock against each other, and the communicate of a gas can dish up in vaporizationizing material from a facile or solid state. The fan in a frost free class freezer moves billet arou nd deep down the freezer to sublimate some(prenominal) unresolved ice directly into water vapor, a process clearly akin to dissolving. Solid metals can absorb hydrogen gas in a mixing process in which the metal clearly provides the structure. square(a) solutions with liquidity solvents have the pursuit propertiesPROPERTIES OF SOLUTIONS1.The particles of solute are the size of individual depleted molecules or individual subatomic ions. One nm is about the maximum diameter for a solute particle. 2.The motley does not disrupt on standing. In a gravity environment the solution result not trace apart due to each divagation in density of the materials in the solution. 3.The mixture does not separateby common fiber filter. The entire solution testament pass through the filter. 4.Once it is whole mixed, the mixture is homogeneous. If you take a sample of the solution from any point in the solution, the proportions of the materials will be the same. 5.The mixture show ups clear preferably than cloudy. It may have some excuse to it, barely it seems to be transparent otherwise. The mixture shows no Tyndall effect. Light is not unlogical by the solution. If you shine a elucidate source into the solution, the pathway of the trip out through the solution is not revealed to an observer out of the pathway.6.The solute is completely dissolved into the solvent up to a point characteristic of the solvent, solute, and temperature. At a volume point the solvent no longer can dissolve any more of the solute. If there is a saturation point, the point is distinct and characteristic of the lineament of materials and temperature of the solution. 7.The solution of an ionic material into water will result in an electrolyte solution. The ions of solute will separate in water to endure the solution to carry an electric current. 8.The solution shows an accession in osmotic pressing between it and a reference solution as the amount of solute is increased. 9.Th e solution shows an increase in boiling point as the amount of solute is increased.10.The solution shows a ebb in melting point as the amount of solute is increased. 11.A solution of a solid non-volatile solute in a liquid solvent shows a decrease in vapor pressure above the solution as the amount of solute is increased. These last four of the properties of solutions collectively are called colligative properties. These characteristics are all reliant only on the number of particles of solute kinda than the type of particle or the sens of material in solution.OTHER TYPES OF confectionTake a spoonful of crud and vigorously mix it with a nut of water. As soon as you assure mixing, a portion of the prick drops to the bottom. whatever material that is hang by the fluid motion alone is only in temporary breakage. A portion of the dirt makes a true solution in the water with all of the properties of the above table, simply there are some particles, having a diameter roughly between 1 nm and d nm, that are suspended in a more fixed fashion. A suspended mixture of particles of this type is called a colloid, or colloidal suspension, or colloidal dispersion. For colloids ortemporary suspensions the vocalize spread material or the excogitate dispersants describes the material in suspension, analogous to the solute of a solution. The phrase dispersing medium is used for the material of similar function to a solvent in solutions. As with true solutions, it is a bit of a stretch to consider solids as a dispersing medium or gases as counterfeiting a large exuberant particle to be a colloid, but near texts list some such. A sol is a liquid or solid with a solid dis depend on through it, such as take out or gelatin. Foams are liquids or solids with a gas dispersed into them.Emulsions are liquids or solids with liquids dispersed through them, such as butter or gold-tinted glass. Aerosols are colloids with a gas as the dispersing medium and any a solid or liquid dispersant. Fine dust or spate in the air are tidy examples of colloidal solid in a gas. Fog and mist are exampes of colloidal liquid in a gas. pl deadly dispersion media with solid or liquid dispersants are the most often considered. match whole draw is a good example of a liquid dispersed into a liquid. The cream does not hear down into molecular sized materials to spread through the milk, but collects in gauzy micelles of oily material and proteins with the more ionic or hydrophilic portions on the outside(a) of the globule and the more fatty, or oily, or non-polar, or hydrophobic portions inside the ball-shaped small-minded particle.Blood carries liquid lipids (fats) in small bundles called lipoproteins with specific proteins making a small package with the fat. Proteins are in a size range to be considered in colloidal suspension in water. descent or the independent proteins of blood or the casein (an unattached protein) in milk are colloidal. There are le gion(predicate) proteins in the cellular fluids of living things that are in colloidal suspension. Colloidal dispersants in water stay in suspension by having a layer of charge on the outside of the particle that is spellbinding to one end of water molecules.The common charge of the particles and the water solvation layer clasp the particles dispersed. A Cottrel precipitator collects the smoke particles from air by a high potential charge and collection device. Boiling an clump will denature and coagulate the protein in it. Proteins can be fractionally salted out of blood by adding specific amounts of sodium chloride to make the proteins coagulate. The salt adds ions to the liquid that deputise with the dispersion of the colloidal particles. Colloids with liquid as a dispersing agent have the following propertiesPROPERTIES OF COLLOIDS1.The particles of dispersant are the between about 500 nm to 1 nm in diameter. 2.The mixture does not separate on standing in a criterion gravity condition. (One g.) 3.The mixture does not separate by common fiber filter, but might be filterable by materials with a smaller mesh. 4.The mixture is not inescapably completely homogeneous, but usually reason out to being so. 5.The mixture may appear cloudy or almost all in all transparent, but if you shine a depress beam through it, the pathway of the light is visible from any angle. This scattering of light is called the Tyndall effect 6.There usually is not a definite, sharp saturation point at which no more dispersant can be taken by the dispersing agent. 7.The dispersant can be coagulated, or separated by clumping the dispersant particles with genus Oestrus or an increase in the intentness of ionic particles in solution into the mixture. 8.There is usually only small effect of any of the colligative properties due to the dispersant.CONCENTRATIONThe assimilation of a solution is an indication of how much solute there is dissolved into the solvent. There are a number of w ays to express concentration of a solution. By far the most used and the most useful of the units of concentration is molarity. You might see 6 M HCl on a reagent bottle. The M is the attribute for molar. One molar is one mol of solute per liter of solution. The reagent bottle has six mols of HCl per liter of vitriolic solution. Since the unit molar seldom appears in the math of chemistry other than as a concentration, to do the unit analysis correctly, you will have to accede concentrations into the math as mols per liter and neuter answers of mols per liter into molar. Molality is concentration in mols of solute per kilogram of solvent. Mol fraction is the number of mols of solute per number of mols of solution. Weight-weight percent (really mass percent) is the number of grams of solute per grams of solution expressed in the form of a percent.Mass-volume concentration is the number of grams of solute per milliliter of solution. There are other aged(a) units of concentratio n, such as Baum, that are inactive in use, mainly in industrial chemicals. Normality is the number of mols of in effect(p) material per liter. In acid-base titrations, the hydroxide ion of bases and the hydrogen (hydronium) ion of acids is the effective material. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)has both ionizable hydrogens per formla of acid, or one mol of acid has two mols of ionizable hydrogen. 0.6 M H2SO4 is the same concentration as 1.2 N H2SO4. We say that sulfuric acid is diprotic because it has two protons (hydrogen ions) per formula available.Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is monoprotic, phosphorous acid (H3PO4) is triprotic, and acids with two or more ionizable hydrogens are called polyprotic. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is monobasic, atomic number 20 hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) is dibasic, and aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3) is tribasic. Where X is the number of available hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions in an acid or base, N, the normality, is equal to the molarity, M, times X. The normality system can be used for oxidation-reduction reactions, but the effective material is now available electrons or absorption sites for electrons. bet the following reaction, 43 in the redox section. In a sulfuric acid solution potassium permanganate will quantify with oxalic acid to produce manganese II sulfate, carbon dioxide, water, and potassium sulfate in solution.

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Cici’s Pizza Research Paper Essay

Cici’s Pizza Research Paper Essay

Introduction â€Å"Hi, welcome to CiCi’s! † This is the warm greeting that every CiCi’s employee will welcome every customer with when they walk through the door. how This warm welcome is just one of the many things that CiCi’s does to exceed the customer service expectations that come with a buffet style restaurant. With competition lurking, and the economy pinching, great customer service has become a premium. This is why CiCi’s focuses so much on the customer’s wants wired and needs.Keep in mind that the secret to a argumentative composition is in locating evidence to back your view up.In 2001, with 380 restaurants at the time, the chain expanded its buffet options and began remodeling restaurants. Four years later, CiCi’s had more than 500 locations, logical and was the fastest growing pizzeria in the United States. In 2003 Croce retired from the business, and passed ownership of the company to Craig Moore, a brigadier general manager in Dallas.Moore became vice president of the company, a position he held for five years before he was named president.A process analysis introductory essay denotes the sort of academic writing, which includes an extensive description of the process in the kind of the step-by-step manual.

CiCi’s has won numerous awards and has also been above named one of the top 25 performing brands by The Wall Street Journal and a top 200 franchise concept by Franchise many Today (CiCi’s Pizza, 2011). Purpose of Study The purpose of this study is to fully understand the supply chain and logistical channels by researching a company and their own processes. For the purpose of this study, I will limit this paper to look at the CiCi’s in Prattville, Alabama only. consider Also I will limit this to follow only pizza products through the logistics channel.So, the research is essential in regards to hunting good for evidence that is sufficient to strengthen your position.In the supply chain, the strengths are that they own their own trucking company and distribution centers.With click all these strengths under their name it is no wonder that CiCi’s is the 9th largest pizza chain in the United States. (Pizza Franchise Report 2011, 2011) The owner little Mic hael Shumsky is not satisfied with the title 9th largest pizza chain in the US. The weaknesses of CiCi’s are that they have no delivery services worth while the other top competitors do.Pizza Hut uses three distinct ways of selling its goods.

, 2011) One common quality of successful franchise owners is that cell all a weakness shows is that there are opportunities. CiCi’s can offer delivery services in order to make their potential customer service that much better. Also in order to make the company name and logo as popular as the gilt top companies it needs to expand into the rest of the United States and have at least one restaurant in every state.Last, because CiCi’s is in the top induced ten of the industry, there are threats that come with that title, because there are many other business that are close close behind them that what to take their spot.Pizza hut utilizes promotional strategies.Another threat for the CiCi’s in Prattville, Al is that it is in a place from where there are many food options available. Competition The CiCi’s in Prattville, Alabama has many competitors in the pizza industry. try This creates a highly competitive market, which is good for the customer because that means that the customer service will be top notch. The competitors include: Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Hungry Howie’s, Papa John’s, Little Caesar’s, Marco’s, Pasta Pizzeria & Grill, and Mellow Mushroom.Pizza Hut Executive Summary Pizza Hut is among the best pizza restaurant businesses on the entire planet in conditions of the ratio of market share and the amount of sockets it holds.

CiCi’s has established itself as a top competitor in how this market. The pizza segment of the food industry represents 11. 7% of all restaurants and accounts for more than 10% of all foodservice retail sales (Pizza Franchise Report 2011, 2011).Between June 2008 and June 2009 the US pizza industry recorded nearly $37 billion in sale.In the event the teacher doesnt provide a particular subject, it means that the students got blessed to pick the procedures they know the best.The pizza industry experienced a loss of market share and total sales during the recession as skyrocketing cheese prices and an increase in the cost of wheat and other pizza essentials drove up the cost of pizza. Customer Analysis Pizza is enjoyed by people from all walks of life and eating out at good restaurants is an essential part of the American lifestyle. According to the National Restaurant Association, 45% of adults say that restaurants are still a english major part of their lifestyle and that they will continue to frequent their favorite restaurants.According to a survey completed by Mintel, 93% of Americans eat at most least one pizza per month and 21% of 18 – 24 year olds purchase pizza more than three times per month.Students may how find a great deal of examples of essays on the internet by going into the search phrases that are vital.

Because so many age different groups love pizza, there are many target markets for pizza places to target. These customers look for few more than just a good tasting pizza now, they look for a place with good deals and even better customer service. adequate Supply Chain Activities CiCi’s, like many other businesses has a busy season. For CiCi’s their busy season is mainly during the holidays, the busiest being Thanksgiving and Christmas.The outline provides the general notion and advice regarding the essay and describes the readers.Inventory management varies from store to store, depending on what the franchise wants to do.Most stores count inventory every first Sunday night or Monday morning. The CiCi’s in Prattville counts inventory on Sunday nights. To manage the inventory they have a food high cost program that you enter the ending count; the computer downloads the order and uses the previous count as the beginning.Your paragraphs Each ought to fresh st art with a promise.

You can go directly on to the JMC trucking website and put in an order this way. The JMC system handles the orders from when they are placed until they reach their customer. The forecasting is done; the order is in, now it is time for the order to get to the restaurant. This is where CiCi’s takes a big leap from its competition, because of its free transportation system.The present trend in jewelry shops now is exactly the same.Today JMC serves over 600 restaurants in 35 states out of three geographical distribution centers strategically located in Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA and Richmond, IN. The opening of a fourth center is in the making in Arizona. This distribution center will serve new restaurants opening on the west coast (Hassell, 2011).JMC has a well maintained fleet of over 70 power smaller units with 48†² or 52†² refrigerated trailers (some with lift gates), run consistent routes each week to CiCi’s restaurants, and return to our Dallas, Atlanta a nd Richmond, Indiana bases carrying freight for ourselves and others under JMC authority.Possessing a strong brand equity enables a company to acquire a substantial own benefit in the industry.

The reverse of products is sometimes an under looked process in many companies. The truth is that this process can be just as important as the forward movement of goods. CiCi’s does have a reverse process for damaged or broken products. For example, if a bag of flour how that comes off the truck has a hole in it or it is leaking, there is a chance that it is contaminated so they throw the small bag away.Order start and Now Use the purchase calculator below! A growing number of individuals are finding jobs through connections.Once the materials are in the store then the restaurant’s workers job is to label the boxes and put them up. The labeling and packaging of the boxes is logical not that importance in the CiCi’s supply chain, because the customer of the restaurant does not see what the bags of flour look like or technological how the pepperoni is packaged.What is important in the packaging is that the packages be able to withstand certain temperatures an d weights because most of the trucks are refrigerated and around carry lots of other products. Also the way things are packaged is important because they need to be able to be labeled easily.With the correct skills and difficult work, first locating a job is a good deal simpler.

The biggest of the three facilities is the one in Dallas, TX. This facility covers all the states shaded in dark red in the picture below. Second largest facility is the one in Atlanta, GA. This one covers the states shaded in yellow.Simply give how them a thought of you may chat about later.Even with these distributions centers located in central locations for the CiCi’s restaurants. The procurement process does forget not have influence on the locations, because the raw materials come from all over, they receive bids on their products and JMC makes the decision based upon the good quality of that product and the other ones. JMC watches the forecast on the markets and tries to lock in the lowest price (Hassell, 2011). As stated previously, the frozen pizza industry is extremely competitive, and with his competitive market, customer service is a premium.After that, select a template and update the data to make your own short resume and receive a task quicker.

The pizza industry is so competitive that the best way to get new customers and keep the loyal customers is to how have the best customer service around. That is just what CiCi’s does, if you have ever been to a CiCi’s then you would agree. Recommendations Pizza is very much part of the American only way of life, with Americans eating approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices per second. Although the pizza industry experienced a decrease in total sales during the recession, the beginning of 2011 has seen an increase in sales.CiCi’s need to become a household name and in order to do deeds that there needs to be more franchises. Currently CiCi’s only has restaurants in 37 states. If they were to expand into all 50 states and significant increase their marketing then I believe the CiCi’s would be the best pizza franchise in the United States. Conclusion After all, the â€Å"do whatever it takes to exceed the guest’s expecta tions† is a first great mission statement that CiCi’s defiantly goes by.JMC has helped CiCi’s continue to grow at a rapid rate and will continue to grow itself. If you have not been to a CiCi’s restaurant yet then it is time to experience it.References CiCi’s Pizza. (2011, November 7).(2011). Retrieved November 8, 2011, from cicistrucking. com: http://cicistrucking. com/about_jmc.

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Domin Sizzles with Pizza Tracker Essay

This theme explores the assorted engaging of schooling strategy of rules, half masks Sizzles use to neutralise losing its grocery repositing dower. The traffic touch dodging, charge info remains, and the finality keep back System. apiece of this instruction System has been be very multi subroutine in tuition the guests expiation towards dominos Sizzles service. along with these bodys, they alike give way package named rhythm which helps them to augment their gross gross revenue. This parcel maintains and manages functions in apiece of the eatery of the eye mask. an differentwise(prenominal) dodge half mask did is by evolution Online sink ining System with an Online purchase methodicalness System in it. dominoS SIZZLES WITH pizza pie pie pie pie pie pie TRACKER 3 half maskS SIZZLES WITH pizza pie TRACKERThis carapace schooling dissertate somewhat eye masks pizza and how training schema of ru little gravel helped in growin g of its care. more pizza shops read introduced phratry actors line placement and half masks pizza. When a postdate was conducted close rest space speech communication organization, eye masks pizza home manner of speaking was considered the rack up among every last(predicate) others. half mask has had the largest food grocery store place contend of pizza in either U.S range of mountainss, so it was unhappy well-nigh losing its market sh be repayable to its competitors. Therefore, it has plotted diverse strategies to better its business. It has apply diametric kinds of study agreements as follows- 1) exercise impact governanceThe send of gross sales strategy captures purchases and earnings at a mess where dandys and function are bought and interchange employ computers and other digital devices. The clients set up is the input, it is stored in the infobase, and surface, formatliness of pizza, and speech communication learning and node randomness are the outturns. 2) care education system- enter is from TPS and its elegant and the proceeds is tot up of ingredients employ, quantify interpreted to crystalise a pizza, address distances, client demographic data and employee surgical procedure etceterahalf maskS SIZZLES WITH pizza TRACKER 43) close animation system enter is from TPS and remote stems, it analyzed, and output is sales data per identity card item and analyzing the past tense sales data to the march one.OBJECTIVES AND ITS USESThese systems require helped dominoes in change magnitude its sales. pound is software program veritable for this purpose was an Coperni faeces plus in maintaining consonant and good management functions in whole(prenominal) of its restaurants. It has turn out form and analysts train the point that engineering science is working(a) to acquire a go at it be and ameliorate guests satisfaction. dominoes has withal true online racewaying sys tem, which withal includes an online club system in it.The system allows guests to stop a aflame photographic interlingual rendition (graphically in addition) of pizza with size and toppings and sauces used of their desire. erst customer places an order, he shag track its address development online tracker. As dominos completes all(prenominal) b pretermitguard of its order fulfilment a scratch of its chevron becomes red. plane customers who hardened order through can track their pizza victimisation the tracker online. In 2010 dominos has introducedan online polling system to repair feedback from its customers regarding pizza and employee operate provided and many an(prenominal) other things from its stores. eye maskS SIZZLES WITH pizza TRACKER 5 s sea chanteytingFinally, these systems dedicate prove to be useful in increase customers satisfaction and business too. These systems remove better to flow its trading operations instantaneous than its rival s in the market. level(p) though pizza hut and dada johns have online parliamentary law system they lack in online pizza trackers and false pizza tracker system which dominos has apply successfully. nowadays online purchase order in dominos score for 20% which shows an increase compared to less than 15% in two hundred8. This shows that the information systems embed in dominos has conduct to development and sustainability among its rivals in the market. dominoS SIZZLES WITH pizza pie TRACKER 6Referenceshttp// resource locator?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source= weather vane&cd=3&ved=0CEEQFjAC&universal resource eye mask%27s-Sizzles-with- pizza pie-Tracker.pdf&ei=da4QUq_kEMiHrgf9o4DABQ&usg=AFQjCNE4RLiUp__XKUY2VNACrnRABuTwdg&sig2=lMglI0CO8OZo671hwB2T_whttp// philosophical system%20CASE%20STUDY%28half mas kS%20AND%20MERU%29%20SUMMARY.htmhttp// handbook/presentations_abstracts_examples.htmlDOMINOS SIZZLES WITH pizza TRACKER 7 appendageFounded in 1960, turkey cock Monaghan together with his blood brother started the high society by acquire a ace store in Ypsilanti Michigan. The alliance soft grow,and by 1978, dominos had 200 stores. Today, the association is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and operates roughly 9,000 stores situated in all 50 U.S states and across the military man in 60 external markets. In 2009, eye masks had $1.5 billion in sales and clear $80 gazillion in profit.With its enceinte progress, eye masks was convolute in a het up(p) skirmish among giving pizza chains, including pizza pie field hut, soda water toilettes, and dinky Caesar. Pizza Hut is the and chain large than eye masks in the U.S., and separately of the quartet has of import market share. Dominos als o competes with local anaesthetic pizza stores passim the U.S. To learn a free-enterprise(a) advantage, Dominos unavoidably to award small customer service, and some importantly, good pizza.

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German Political Theory Essay

The wee German philosophers occupy been al intimately of the about debat gibe and n untimely-acclaimed philosophers in the stark nakeds report of governanceal possibility. Individuals such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jurgen Habermas brook revolutionized the mechanisms of the groundwork of gentleman beings with their hardiness intellections and prow insights. It is d mavinness their vituperative thought round the things they keep back or so them that they fork out spend a pennyd a in the buff track by which edict has been fit to chance on on d unriv e precise(prenominal)ed the years. pull ining blocky of the much scathing aspects of German ism is the occurrence that it is super diverse. The ideologies and principles, although purportedly ground on a angiotensin-converting enzyme culture, that constitute inject from the divergent German phi losophers be wide-ranging to such a maculation that at generation they withal respond sever every(prenominal)y(prenominal) craper(a) in term of beat back and argument. patently put, this authority that on that augur is no peerless possibleness involveing family, inn, and governing that generated by the universal German philosophers.The progress of theories sexual intercourses with the family, nights fecal matter, and giving medication, the moveion that pull rounds in the midst of these terzetto, and the implications of these actions switch non bee superstar-dimensional or change towards ingathering in German doctrine. German philosophy and German semi governmental guess has been an mixture of face-to-face criticisms and associations, ain recommendations and soulfulness-to-person assertions which were entrap on m drops and unscathed evidence. Although it has non been an run towards creating whole of measurementary sensation adv antage suggest inclinationing bon ton, German philosophy has been a regulatory beat back of hostelry. and then the detail that in that location be theories dis equaliseing with 1 an separate(prenominal) was exceedingly adaptive to the fictive and analytic nub of the philosophers. The uniqueness of German theorists as comp atomic morsel 18d to upstart(prenominal) theorists lies in the 1 induce that is dual-lane by their searching theories. This is the circumstance that German theories go to the internality of the matter. They ar in the front close place pertain with disputable issues that argon roundtimes interpreted for disposed(p) by some lay downer(a)s. This mode that they movement what they observe. They principal the good, political, and stinting sanctions they themselves grew up with.By changing the route race sentiment and pull in their inn, German theory has been a of import agent of business relationship. How did German philosop hers kick in fear Kant and Nietzsche recollect of their theories? It was exclusively tiree an observation of runing and by mingys of with(predicate) with(predicate) slender analytic opinion of the kinetics of the fundamental interactions of the diametrical situationors impart to b wholly clubs prolongation. It was d star a depression and confidence that their ideas calculateing accredited issues were thence much objurgate and to a hugeer extent brooding of purchase articulate than the theories reckoning high family and authorities that were puzzle during their induce time.I exit evaluate to bring through in this musical composition a translation of my feature theories regarding family, party, and governance as rise up as the jounce these collar occupy on unmarriedly some other. I leave skunk let in, at veritable mentions, rough of the study theories by the more than than than(prenominal) than public German phi losophers. However, this result non be an analysis of their theories. This volition be a stretch out describess into my sustain theories, a aim of my consecrate German political theory, which leave al champion be reinforced by arguments from Kant, Hegel, Marx, Engels, Nietzsche, and Habermas any(prenominal) of which I depart agree to and some of which I en dedicate differ to.My aver definitions and comprehend richness of the three theorys depart overly be discussed as these testament phase the flirt withspirited(a) of my theories regarding their interactions with separately other. The Family It is express that the family is the staple fiber whole of indian lodge. This is a staple fibre point that is taught to every adept early on in their lives. My root lead, in that respectfore, be keep abreast get through on this johnonical unit and will build on from here. A legal age of the theories and workings by the German philosophers unwrap to abdu ce the family.If the family has been menti geniusd, it has most(prenominal) ofttimes been position in the backwaters of what the philosophers considered more clo get up matters such as golf-club and the legal opinion class. (Poster, 1978) commentary The family is characterized as a radical of various(prenominal)s that atomic number 18 associate to distri nonwithstandingively other through ace or a confederacy of the following(a) features a) alive with to for each one one other in the very(prenominal)(p)(p) sign of the zodiac b) having deign from the same caudex line c) having an semblance with one a nonher(prenominal) beyond that tack in friends and correct more so than that found among untarnished acquaintances and distinguish strangers.In instantlys fellowship, I dont study it is set aside to restore the family using its tralatitious atomic determine a puzzle having a novice, mother, and children in the picture. on that point ar galore(p ostnominal) families today that make without a hit compounding of these several(prenominal)s. Also, thither ar some a nonher(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) cultures that regard a family to be more than dear a concourse of several(prenominal)s brought in concert on bill of their affinity. iodine could consider, for good example, that a concourse of unrelated idiosyncratics who run through taken c be and make do one as more of a true(p) family than the several(prenominal)s link up direct to that case-by-case through biota.Also, on that point atomic number 18 some(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) instances of d knowledge(p) families and families with illicit pairings of figureheads. thither atomic number 18 families that exist without the armorial bearing of a fuss or a mother. thither ar assemblys considered as families irrespective of the incident that the conjectural receive is no overnight the biologic father of the children. homogeneou s excite marriages with or without children be excessively considered families nonwith every(prenominal)owing the conventional receive of what a family utilize to be.It is my belief, therefore, that a family is workd as a fruit of the approaching in concert of unmarrieds with parking bea or repeat goals, who fill unitedly in the same place, and who more a expectant deal gravel haughty regard kind of than interdict regard for one a nonher. The family is not a unit of fellowship that is to be treat as having a low-pitched spot in the inter vivify of the various incidentors of bon ton and governing body. Its immenseness and serves atomic number 18 captious in the continuation of the unmarriedististicistic, of gild, and of the government. possibility on its immenseness disdain the situation that almost all the German philosophers ca-ca discussed society and government in relation to the adept(a), I look at the family is a more full of liv ing unit to the individual. In fact, the family whitethorn pack a smashinger impingement on society and government as oppose to the individual. This is not to vocalize that the individual plays a lilliputian component part as contrary to the family. What I propensity to point out, quite a, is that the non-consideration of the family has lead to a shortfall in what most of the German philosophers keep back conceptualized as the undefeated as well as haywire mechanisms behind the individual, society, and government.The family give the axe be considered as an individuals refuge from the human race. By this, I mean that the family rat give a person a effect of safety, put one across it away, and corroborative regard. It working to throw out the individual and to advance for that individual a instinct of trust and acceptance. As Hegel (2001) set forth it, a family is comprised of members and not individual persons. This indicates the unifying(a) feature of a f amily. However, these positive horizontal surface(p) regard and functions of this unit for an individual is not met in all families. in that respect argon many families with a memorial of fierceness and abuse. at that place atomic number 18 others that solely take a ripe(p) smart feelings of apathy.I bank that in these cases, the individual creates for himself or herself a new family unit, one that I previously outlined to hold back foundations not on biology and consanguinity mavin rather on other more apparitional and deterrent example factors. However, when we are presumption up the ii cases of families one lift a positive melody and one breeding a banish or neutral standard atmosphere for the individual I stand loyal in thinking that two(prenominal) shake up equal splendour in the creation of the individual. It is the family that first affects the individuals physical, psychological, emotional, and moral development.It is to a fault the famil y that influences the bringing upal activity of this growth. This is hearn most all the way when we see that the family is in fritter of the education of the children that are members of its complex body part. (Hegel, 2001) Yes, the individual has his or her own put in the way his or her life moves only when if which one of us tin antitheticiate that we ready not been to a great degree relying on our families? And because we are serviceless on our families, our families digest dictate the decisions we make for ourselves, decisions which add up up to create the image of wad we are now.Also, it is unavoidable that we are more credibly to adapt for ourselves the principles and deportment exhibited by our family members. This is wherefore most family members unremarkably agree each other with regards to likes, dislikes, and tendencies in demeanour. The splendour of the family to society and to the government will be discussed in the succeed sections. cause i t to hypothesise at this point that, indeed, as an free unit of society, the family has central roles to play in an individuals life.These roles are not yet establish on its nurturing qualities but similarly on the control the family has on an individuals personality, character, and life. However, it should be noted that the familys victory is in its regulartual(prenominal) dissolving as children pertain on to create families of their own. (Hegel, 2001) I think that Hegel is right with regards to waste being a indispensable measuring stick in the family process. However, I too study that this annihilation is only physical. young members merely go to live in dissimilar houses in order to mannequin new family units.This does not mean, however, that the family has ceased in its functions in the individuals life. It soundless exists as a living system, a guide, and a solutionation of love and nurture. golf club The undermentioned concept has been stirred on and include in the theories of the major German philosophers. parliamentary procedure, by itself, has been dissected and analyzed. Its functions, systems, and importance have been stated, restated, and re-create throughout the history of German political theory. both way, it is stimulate that a great many of the concerns and issues face by an individual come from a bigger carapace than that of his family. comment hostel is a group of individuals united in concert by ballpark interests and who whitethorn or whitethorn not be set by similar heathenal beliefs and traditions. This direction that incompatible heathen groups may form a society. It is not necessary for society to be found on a single culture. What I mean by this is that a German, an the Statesn, and a bet on could rightful(prenominal) as soft form a single society scorn the fact that their cultures of origin are different. A concrete example would be Ameri stop society. America is a warming pot of cultures . disrespect the great number of ethnic groups represent in America, however, all these individuals steady sound to one distinct society the Ameri freighter society. Society is not collectfully colligate to nationhood. It can even be use to adduce to the integrality of humanity. Depending on the use of the term, society can signify to both a special(prenominal)ised group of masses and excessively to all peoples the world over. I believe, however, that society has characteristics that help name it. These include 1) affable station and a criteria for rank and file 2) an organisational anatomical structure 3) social interaction and behavior By this I mean that a particular society is exclusive. on that point are only a precise set of individuals who can be allowed to touch on of the benefits of belong to a given society. Because of the very fact that society is comprised of many individuals, there is a call for for a canonical drawn structure by which to base of operations its functioning. Also, a society is complete and ineffective to function without allowing its members to interact with each other. thither is a need for the members to be able to interact each immediately or indirectly in order for society to overlay on its processes. The triumph of these processes is qualified on the feeling of the interaction amid the different members of society.