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The Death Of A Man - 2071 Words

Two Weeks Later For the larger part of a century Bucky was a chest piece, prostituted into bidding for a larger scope. He was handled as a weapon. He was comparative to a firearm, utilized, cleaned when necessary, returning to his place in the isolation of a cabinet. His adjustment to humane treatment was just a mere bit of the rubble. His third week, a barista had bid him a nice day, he spent the next expanse of time weeping, unacquainted with the subtlest of empathy. He detested the shudder of unaccustomed fervor that seized his body when Steve touched him, Steve withdrawing his hand immediately. He wanted so badly to be touched, to be greeted, to be spoken to without the motive of brutal instruction. Steve tried to provide, seemingly†¦show more content†¦Bucky’s brow threads together in a cross stitch of confusion. Steve reiterates his question, more softly, though it’s unnecessary. â€Å"Why?† The expression of certainty Steve carries suggests he follows a path of logic Bucky doesn’t. Steve’s response catches in his throat, his wide blues matching his, almost winterless, counter’s. â€Å"We were apart for so long, I, I thought maybe you could teach me something about you from those years.† He casts a downwards glance towards Bucky’s legs, splayed across the couch, socked feet grazing Steve’s thigh. The slight contact directs a pleasant ambience through Bucky. â€Å"And since I don’t need combat training†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Steve s tone acquires a grin. â€Å"Modest.† Bucky nudges Steve’s leg amusingly, his smart remark is reminiscent of a Brooklyn boy and his witty insertions. That spark of the man Steve is vastly familiar with tugs his lips upwards, that man hasn’t entirely dissipated. Though, Bucky considers the proposition. The way Steve introduced the idea is immensely thoughtful, loving, fitting with Steve’s character. He gazes upwards at the stoic profile of the blond, youthful in a deceiving way. â€Å"Only if you want to.† Steve is bashful, tugging at the cotton of his sweats in attempt to busy himself. Steve thinks he should retract his proposal, recovery had been progressing, today a particularly good day. Bucky had slept easily into the late hours of the morning, before busyingShow MoreRelatedThe Death Of A Man Essay993 Words   |  4 Pagesanswer: Of course you fear...all brave men do. Didn t King David know fear? That s why he wrote the 23rd Psalm. Next time you doubt yourself, I want you to hear my voice reciting to you: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me. And he had remembered; he had heard her imagined voice, and it had renewed his strength and skill. He was going to hear her voice now. Four minutes to six. A girl passed closer to him, and Lt. BlandfordRead MoreThe Death Of A Man1017 Words   |  5 Pagesthe incredible protectors, protestors, activists, attorneys and organizers sacrificing to be heard. I write for the educated souls deprived of the taste of worthy jobs. I speak with words, the silent prayers of a father who just buried his son after death befell on him because another drunk, unstable boy in his twenties easily escaped a heinous crime when he chose to run over the happiness of his parents, the support system of his father in his old age and the future of the boy himself. I speak withRead MoreThe Death Of A Man2006 Words   |  9 PagesHe Who Goes Unknown It was a dark, cold morning, around two or three, when a piercing scream was heard from within a woods. It was the scream of a man, and it would be the last sound he ever made before his very unfortunate death. The man would never be seen again by anyone who tried to search, unless they were smart enough to search for every tiny clue left behind. It was now six in the morning when the sun shined through Arthur’s window. His phone rang, which caused him to wake. He blindlyRead MoreThe Death Of A Man1166 Words   |  5 PagesRotwang, his heart streaming over. He stretched out his hands. â€Å"Come to me, my Hel. How long, how long I had to live without you.† But she did not come. She started back from him. Her face full of horror, she started back from him. â€Å"Hel,† begged the man, â€Å"why are you afraid of me? I am no ghost, although I am dead. I had to die, to come to you. I have always, always longed for you. You have no right to leave me alone now. I want your hands. Give them to me.† But his groping fingers snatched into spaceRead MoreThe Death Of A Man1174 Words   |  5 Pagesbecause of the precarious security situation, the prevalence of favoritism, the lack of accountability and punishment, the prevalence of corruption and the random spread of weapons as well as the popularity of the idea that weapons are what make a man... ISIS, the refugees, and the fear of cases of random shooting is going to occur is what leads, most of the Lebanese to as they describe it, to sleep better with a gun in the house. In addition, the fact that licenses are being handed out randomlyRead MoreThe Death Of A Man1058 Words   |  5 Pageshas been kindled, and a man who has come to extinguish the fire has lifted up his eyes to the property of the owner of the house, and has taken the property of the owner of the house, that man shall be thrown into that fire.(25). Drowning was another punishment, if a man s wife be surprised (in flagrante delicto) with another man, both shall be tied and thrown into the water, but the husband may pardon his wife and the king his slaves.† (129). Today, we see burning and drowning to be unreasonableRead MoreDeath Of A Sales Man995 Words   |  4 Pages Every classical tragedy has the same attribute yet they’re all played differently. â€Å"Oedipus the King† was very straight forward while others like â€Å"Death of a sales man† is more complex. I believe that â€Å"Death of a Sales man† is a classical tragedy. I don’t just believe that because Willy Loman fits he model of a tragic protagonist but because the ending ends as a classical tragedy. Willy Loman is in fact a tragic protagonist. He was not literally high-born but he does hold power over his familyRead MoreThe Death Of A Free Man1454 Words   |  6 Pagesburning of the sun on [his] forehead† (Camus 67). In this scene, he got irritated and angry when he was forced to believe that there was meaning in life. He does not want anything that is going to disturb his state and â€Å"thoughts...of a free man† (Camus 76). As a free man, the only thing that matters is living life detached from the world because this ensures that he would not have to deal with the irrationality of things. Just like what Sprintzen argued on his article â€Å"The Stranger†, Meursault â€Å"does notRead MoreThe Death Of A Black Man1360 Words   |  6 Pagesgood idea for him to fly. â€Å"No,† the man said angrily â€Å"You cannot possibly understand.† â€Å"Than perhaps you might inform me.† The man turned away from her. She could hear him muttering under his breath, â€Å"People. Always thinking that an old man has outlived his problems. If only I was so lucky.† The woman did not like being spoken to in such a manor. After all, she was only trying to help. Was that such a crime? The plane began to roll away from the gate and the man began to shake. â€Å"No, no, no,† he sobbedRead MoreThe Death Penalty And The Black Man1624 Words   |  7 Pageswomen, a white man, and a white man. Now just looking at the race and gender, which of these would you expect to get either the death penalty or life in prison? You might think, women could get life in prison, possibly with a chance for parole, and the white man could get the death penalty, and the black man, life in prison. That’s what’s seen on the outside but if you dig further, you would be wrong. For instance take, Kimberly McCarthy a black women out of Texas, was sentenced to death after killing

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Mindfulness Training For Carers Of People With Dementia

Mindfulness training for carers of people with dementia; impact on carers’ wellbeing Introduction This essay explores explores evidence of how caring for people with dementia (PwD) might have detrimental effects on a carers’ physiological and psychological wellbeing. It describes reviews the practice of mindfulness, and its potential health benefits,; and examines considers literature which argues which evaluates the impact of mindfulness training has a positive, therapeutic impact on the wellbeing of carers’. According to the Alzheimer’s Society (2014) there are approximately 850,000 people with dementiaPwD in the UK, which will increase to one million people by 2025. One in six people aged 80 and over have dementia. The word dementia†¦show more content†¦Dementia can have a detrimental impact on takes a devastating toll on carers, affecting both their physiological and psychological wellbeing. According to the a poll, administered by the Alzheimer’s Association (2016) in the US, which questioned 3,102 adults in America about their attitudes, knowledge and experiences related to Alzheimer’s disease –, about 60 percent of carers of people with dementia carers rated their emotional stress of caring as high or very high, nearly 40 percent said they suffer from depression Aand approximately 74 percent said they are somewhat to very concerned about maintaining their own health . Many studies have taken place over the last twenty years, which have brought to light the negative consequences caring for people with dementiaPwD has on the wellbeing of carers’, most notably . A study by Schultz, et al., (1995) noted that the most frequent clinical conditions examined are depression and anxiety .; O other symptoms may include sleep deprivation, negative changes in immune function and hypertension. In a review of 37 publications, which evaluated differences between caregivers and non-caregivers health and cognition, Fonareva et al (2014: 725-726) suggest report that familial carers, in particular, suffer from chronic stress, exacerbated by ‘excessive time constraints, increased chores, and behavioural management issues of the PwD, together with anticipatory grieving’; ‘often

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Barabs And Shylock Essay Research Paper There free essay sample

Barabs And Shylock Essay, Research Paper There can be many similarities drawn to both the character Shylock in Shakespeare # 8217 ; s The Merchant of Venice, and Barabas in the Jew of Malta. However besides the obvious fact that they were both Jews, and the common stereo-types that were attributed to both of them such as being mean and conniving, there are goggling differences in the kineticss of the characters themselves. # 8220 ; There are profound differences in Barabas and Shylock. The function assigned to by Shakespeare to his Christian characters is far more extended, his Jew on the other manus has been scaled down and domesticated. Shylock has none of the insatiate aspiration that makes Barabas for all his grotesque Acts of the Apostless, a character along the lines of the great Faustus and Tambourlaine. # 8221 ; ( Shylock,21 ) There is a much greater rotundity in Barabas so Shylock. Marlowe portrays Barabas the Jew in a dynamic and slightly curios mode. It is hard to surmise Marlowe # 8217 ; s purpose when portraying the Jew, yet it is certain that there is more than what seems locally evident. It is really clear that he is an foreigner, non merely in the obvious facet that he is a Jew in the less than theologically tolerant and politically right Elizabethan play, but he is besides an foreigner in footings of immorality and his manner of idea. He is evidently a scoundrel, lying cheating, poisoning a full nunnery, even killing those we thought were close to him, including his girl, yet through his Machiavellan quest for power and riches we somehow become about endeared to him and he becomes an anti-hero. All these facets combine to do Barabas a character that we are someway drawn to in the same manner people are drawn to gaze at a traffic accident. Through the class of modern history, the Judaic people have ever been cultural foreigners, as a merchandise of this foreigner position at that place has ever been a slightly wearied representation of them by creative persons who were raised and educated in anti-semitic environment. Though we can fault the manner Marlowe presents his supporter on the false beliefs of the clip, it is non because he does non cognize any better, but because Marlowe chooses to satire other common representations of the clip. Barabas is still presented with the same types of stereo-types as any other Elizabethan playwright portraying a Jew would, yet there is an extra bed of lampoon. Marlowe is someway mocking the manner his society presents the Jews. # 8220 ; Marlowe makes a imitation, a farcical lampoon of the popular Elizabethan stereo-types of the sly, nagging Jew. # 8221 ; Though it is clear that there are some classically # 8220 ; Jewish # 8221 ; features in Barabas. His frailties are non so much those that can be attributed to a Jew every bit much as those of a scoundrel. Yet somehow this villainousness allows us to about esteem an vitamin D glorify him. â€Å"Barabas’ calling is one of unbroken opprobrium, he cheats, lies, robs betrays and toxicants an full nunnery. Yet within this utterly melodramatic lineation, Marlowe has created a compelling at times about sympathetic character† ( shylock20 ) His fraudulence and other perfidy, though usually would drive the reader, yet someway Barabas fascinates us. Despite all his incorrect making we about root for him to carry through his programs. As John Gross, writer of Shylock says â€Å"No one could impeach Marlowe of painting a flattering portrayal of a Machiavellan Jew, and yet one grows a good trade fonder of him than any other character.† ( tydeman62 ) His place as an foreigner allows us to sympathise with his place and the craft with which he executes his evil makes him our hero. It would be foolish to presume that Barabas # 8217 ; distancing from others was non portion of his program to lead on and so victory over both the Christians and Turks. It so becomes evident that it was Marlowe # 8217 ; s purpose for the reader to parallel the actions of Barabas to the great philosopher and politic Machiavelli. Barabas # 8217 ; inhuman treatment no affair what the costs is a direct extension of the doctrine that Machiavelli preached. # 8220 ; It is the focal point on practical success by any agencies, even at the disbursal of traditional moral values that earned Machiavelli a repute for pitilessness, misrepresentation and cruelty. # 8221 ; ( Britanica ) It seems it is besides the focal point of Barabas on practical success, that success being the inspiration of both the Turks and the Christians in Malta, no affair what the cost, yet in the instance of Barabas, his success is motivated by his evil purposes, where Machiavelli # 8217 ; s immorality is motivated by his desire for success. # 8220 ; Machiavelli # 8217 ; s construct of proper application of morality to life is one that Judgess all participants in footings of the efficaciousness with which they achieve their ends. # 8221 ; Both Machiavelli and Barabas seem to merely care for the terminals and neither have concern for the agencies by which the terminals are realized, even if those terminals involve killing 1s ain girl. It is besides clear in the manner that Barabas keeps everyone at a distance, in the same manner that Machiavelli # 8217 ; s philosoophy prescribed. It was merely the auduence, through Marlowe # 8217 ; s extended usage of monologue that was of all time allowed near and knew the true ideas traveling through Barabas # 8217 ; caput. It is for this ground that he both became our hero in the drama and was besides a true foreigner. So it is distressingly clear that there are strong analogues between the supporter and the philosopher, the lone job Marlowe presented wa s that Barabas # 8217 ; terminals were non achieved, raising the inquiry, if Barabas means were non achieved and he failed in his pursuit to lead on and kill the Turks and Christians, so non merely were his actions non justifiable, but he a genuinely Machiavellan foreigner?

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Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia

Borrower’s risk and mortgage residential lending Borrower’s risk in mortgage business refers to the uncertainties faced by the borrower when engaging themselves in mortgage. Mortgages are taken with an aim of acquiring residential houses and just like any other loans; they have to be paid back with a specified rate of interest which varies from one lender to the other.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In Saudi Arabia, mortgages are available to borrowers from all classes’ of people, only which they are not that easy to obtain. This brings about the link between the borrower’s risk and mortgage residential borrowing in the region. The borrower is expected to deposit a large amount of money as down payment before they are guaranteed of being provided with the mortgage. The repayment period is also stated in short term s to ensure that the borrower is dedicated to clearing the debt. This saves the lenders from the problem of having to declare most of the debts as bad, owing to default payments on the part of the borrower. From this, it is clear that residential mortgage lending refers to the process of providing funds to individuals or groups for the purposes of constructing residential houses. These funds are to be paid back within a specified period of time and at a specified interest rate. At the expiry of the repayment period, the borrower is faced with the risk of having his property auctioned by the lenders so that they can redeem back their money. Before committing to take a mortgage, it is advisable for the borrower to have in place a payment plan that will ensure he is able to clear the debt within the specified time. This will save them from the possible trouble of losing their property. The lending institutions have a way of assessing the financial abilities of their clients before deci ding on the amount of money to invest in their projects. In Saudi Arabia, most of these institutions provide a short repayment period after which the property is prone to being auctioned (Mortgage and Housing Corporation 98). This is a strategy that in addition to reducing the number of people committing to these mortgages, it also ensures that the few who obtain them are able to pay within the shortest time possible. This also ensures that they are able to recover their money more quickly hence being able to make more investments.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Relevant factors in the determination of borrower’s risk Loan information It is always advantageous to the borrower if they ensure that they have sufficient and relevant information on any mortgage that they intend to take. This ensures that they acquire a mortgage that perfectly fits into their needs an d financial capacities as well. Borrowers obtain information from many sources the most common one being from other people who have taken the mortgage in the past. (Al-Rajihi Banking and investment Corporate, 92). This is one of the greatest risks in relation to loan information as individual needs vary from one person to the other. It is advisable to the borrowers to always seek the assistance of the institution from which they intend to borrow from as well as financial advisors before settling for a mortgage. This will save them from the possible problem of being unable to repay the loan. Obtaining mortgage information directly from the lender institution an aspect of certainty to the borrower and ensures that he does not rely on assumptions. Relying on assumptions is an indication of poor financial habits which places an individual under high risks of losing their financial resources (Starke et al 23). The best way therefore to reduce borrower’s risk is to obtain all the r elevant information from relevant sources. This will enable the borrower to reduce the chances of losing their property to investors. Property information The risk faced by the borrower is also determined by the property being acquired. Just like the loan information, most people are in the habit of emulating from their peers the type of property obtained through mortgages. Most people go for something because they have seen someone else with and this too is an indication of poor financial habits. It is important for a person to obtain relevant information on the property they intend to acquire so that they can measure the value of the property in relation to their financial capacity. Taking mortgages on high cost properties most of the times proves detrimental to the borrower since it becomes difficult for them to clear the loan and this means that they risk losing the property (Arab investment bank 78). In Saudi Arabia for example, the idea of giving the borrowers a short payment period is to ensure that they take up loans that are within their financial capacities. The borrower is therefore expected to obtain accurate information on the property they want to acquire as this will reduce the risk of acquiring a high cost property and being unable to clear the payments.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Borrower’s information This relates to the lenders who are expected to assess the financial capacity of the borrower and advise them accordingly on the amount of loan they should invest in a mortgage. The lenders are experts in this since they have an experience with many borrowers and this ensures that they are in a position to tell the credibility of the client in terms of whether they can pay up the mortgage in time and without having to extensive greater miles to do the same. There are people who borrow loans t o repay other loans and this is not advisable in a mortgage situation. After acquiring a house on mortgage, there are people who use the house as security for the loans that they use to pay these mortgages. Therefore, the house is still at risk in fact twice at risk since if the money borrowed is not enough to pay the loan, then the mortgage lenders might need to redeem their money by selling the house and the lenders of the other loan might also need to redeem their money from the same property. This is why the mortgage lenders should access the financial background of the borrower before deciding on the amount of money to allocate to their project if any. Relationship in the three types of borrower’s risk and residential mortgage lending These three classifications of borrower’s risk and residential mortgage lending are related in the sense that they all meant to reduce the rate of risk faced by the borrower and the lending institution as well. Borrower’s risk s affect the lenders directly in the sense that the borrower defaulting to pay the mortgage leads to a loss on the lender’s part (Saudi Arabian Monetary Arabian 92). The risks brought about by lack of efficient borrower’s information lead to misrepresentation whereby the client is not advised by the lenders accordingly and the lenders also end up creating a problem for forcefully getting back their debt. Effective risk assessment in all the three cases is therefore important since it reduces the level of uncertainty on both the lender’s and the borrower’s side. In Saudi Arabia, these are the things that made the mortgage lending authorities to place barriers restricting the number of borrowers. These ensure that only the most credible clients are able to obtain the loans and even so, they are still given restrictions in terms of the period over which they should repay the loan. This prevents them from taking huge mortgage loans that might prove difficult to repay. Being an Islamic country, the law prohibits any person from being treated in an inhuman way and so any institution that decides to offer mortgages should minimize the chances of payments being defaulted.Advertising Looking for assessment on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More How these relationships differed before and after the global financial crisis. Before the global financial crisis, Saudi Arabia was performing well financially and the living standard of the citizens was considerably high. Most people could afford obtaining the high cost loans and the lending institutions were always guaranteed of getting back all their money together with the amount of accumulated interest. The recession however messed up a lot of people as the rate of inflation and unemployment increased in the region just like in most other parts of the world (Starke et al 343). Most people could no longer be in a position to obtain mortgages and this created a residential housing crisis in the region. Lenders had to be cautious since they had also declared many debts as bad during the recession and this was detrimental to the institutions. Recommendations Saudi Arabia is a nice place to invest especially in the residential housing business. Owing to presence of oil wells and min eral deposits, the region has attracted a considerably high number of foreign investors. The high cost of obtaining mortgages is a detriment to many low and middle income earners who are hence unable to own their own property. As finance manager in a bank, I would therefore advice the entrepreneurs to invest as much as they can in the residential houses since the market for this is high and increasing by the day. Consequently, a good entrepreneur is always willing to take risks, this is a good investing opportunity that will not only increase their income but also solve the country’s housing problems. Works Cited Al-Rajihi Banking and Investment corporation. â€Å"Real estate mortgage investments†. Investment reports and records. Connecticut, n.d. Web. Arab investment bank. â€Å"Saudi Arabia plans on mortgage institutions† Islamic Saudi News posts, 6 Jan 2009. Web. Mortgage and Housing Corporation. â€Å"Saudi Arabia†. The Saudi Gazette. Juma da Al-Akhir. n.d. Web. Saudi Arabian monetary authority. â€Å"Housing projects spur economic growth in Saudi Arabia† Weekly Press release. IRR Middle East, n.d. Web. Starke, John W, and Arlene K. Starke.Mortgage Lending and Investing: Understanding Risks in a Changing Market. Homewood: Business One Irwin, 1991. This assessment on Mortgage business in Saudi Arabia was written and submitted by user Caitlyn N. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Frankenstein Quotes and Notes Essays - Frankenstein, Free Essays

Frankenstein Quotes and Notes Essays - Frankenstein, Free Essays Frankenstein Quotes and Notes Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 M.Krempe was a little squat man with a gruff voice and a repulsive countenance; the teacher, thearefore did not prepossess me in favour of his persuits. (44) He is ignorant when it comes to some of the more controversial and dangerous aspects of science So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein more, far more, will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation. (45) He believes he is extremely talented when it comes to science and discovering the unknown. He does not seem willing to accept that he may not be as smart as he thinks he is. Chapter 4 As exemplified in the change from life to death, and death to life, until from the midst of this darkness a sudden light broke in upon me a light so brilliant and wondrous, yet so simple. (52) Frankenstein had no idea that his invention will lead to tragedy. Its the thrill of the chase that drives him on. Lean from me, if not from my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge. (53) Frankenstein warns Walton of the danger of seeking knowledge or the unknown. Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Justine has just returned to us; and I assure you I love her tenderly. She is very clever and gentle, and extremely pretty; as I mentioned before, her mein and her expression continually remind me of my dear aunt. (68) Justines beauty makes her an object worth loving I saw plainly that he was surprised, but he never attempted to draw my secret from me; and although I loved him with a mixture of affection and reverence that knew no bounds, yet I could never persuade myself to confide in him that event which was so often present to my recollection, but which I feared the detail to another would only impress more deeply. (70) Victor feels disconnected from Henry because he is keeping his knowledge as well as his monster a secret. Chapter 7 I had turned loose into the world depraved wretch whose delight was in carnage and misery; had he not murdered my brother? (75) He immediately assumes it was the monster who murdered William, without any evidence. He also believes that the monster is only capable of destruction. I considered the being who I had cast among mankind and endowed with the will and power to effect purposes of horror, such as the deed which he had now done, nearly in the light of my own vampire, my own spirit let loose from the grave and forced to destroy all that was dear to me (76) He does not understand the monster that he has created, but is blinded by the potential glory he thinks he will obtain. Chapter 8

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Simple Conjugations of Répéter in French

Simple Conjugations of Rà ©pà ©ter in French When you want to say repeated or repeating in French, youll use the verb  rà ©pà ©ter. Yet, to get it into the past or present tense, a conjugation is necessary. In this lesson, well introduce you to the most common and simplest forms of the verb so you can use it in a sentence. The Basic Conjugations of  Rà ©pà ©ter French verb conjugations are required in order to form complete sentences. Unlike English, which has only a few conjugations, French gives you a new form of the verb for every subject pronoun within each tense. This means that youll have more words to memorize. Rà ©pà ©ter  is a  stem-changing verb. This is apparent in the indicative mood and the present, future, and imperfect past tenses in the chart. Notice how in some forms, the second  e  remains an  Ãƒ ©Ã‚  and in others, it changes to an  Ãƒ ¨. Also, youll find that in the future tense, either option is available to you.   Other than that difference in spelling, youll find that the endings attached to the verb stem (rà ©pà ©t-) are the same used for  regular -er  verbs. In that sense, these conjugations can be easier if you already know some of those conjugations. With that, match the subject pronoun with the proper tense for your sentence. For example, I am repeating is  je rà ©pà ¨te  and we will repeat is  nous rà ©pà ©terons. Present Future Imperfect je rà ©pà ¨te rà ©pà ©terairà ©pà ¨terai rà ©pà ©tais tu rà ©pà ¨tes rà ©pà ©terasrà ©pà ¨teras rà ©pà ©tais il rà ©pà ¨te rà ©pà ©terarà ©pà ¨tera rà ©pà ©tait nous rà ©pà ©tons rà ©pà ©teronsrà ©pà ¨terons rà ©pà ©tions vous rà ©pà ©tez rà ©pà ©terezrà ©pà ¨terez rà ©pà ©tiez ils rà ©pà ¨tent rà ©pà ©terontrà ©pà ¨teront rà ©pà ©taient The Present Participle of  Rà ©pà ©ter The  present participle  of rà ©pà ©ter  also follows a regular pattern by adding an -ant  ending without a stem change. The result is the word  rà ©pà ©tant. Rà ©pà ©ter  in the Compound Past Tense In French, the compound past tense is the  passà © composà ©. This is constructed by  conjugating avoir  to the subjects present tense and following it with the  past participle  rà ©pà ©tà ©. It comes together simply with  jai rà ©pà ©tà ©Ã‚  meaning I repeated and  nous avons rà ©pà ©tà ©Ã‚  meaning we repeated. More Simple Conjugations of  Rà ©pà ©ter There will be times when you dont know if something was repeated and this is when  the subjunctive  will be useful. Then again, if something will be repeated only if something else happens, youll use  the conditional.   The passà © simple  and  the imperfect subjunctive  are literary tenses found frequently in formal writing. Subjunctive Conditional Passà © Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je rà ©pà ¨te rà ©pà ©teraisrà ©pà ¨terais rà ©pà ©tai rà ©pà ©tasse tu rà ©pà ¨tes rà ©pà ©teraisrà ©pà ¨terais rà ©pà ©tas rà ©pà ©tasses il rà ©pà ¨te rà ©pà ©teraitrà ©pà ¨terait rà ©pà ©ta rà ©pà ©tà ¢t nous rà ©pà ©tions rà ©pà ©terionsrà ©pà ¨terions rà ©pà ©tà ¢mes rà ©pà ©tassions vous rà ©pà ©tiez rà ©pà ©teriezrà ©pà ¨teriez rà ©pà ©tà ¢tes rà ©pà ©tassiez ils rà ©pà ¨tent rà ©pà ©teraientrà ©pà ¨teraient rà ©pà ©tà ¨rent rà ©pà ©tassent To order or request someone to Repeat! in French, use  the imperative.  When doing so, skip the subject pronoun and simply say, Rà ©pà ¨te ! Imperative (tu) rà ©pà ¨te (nous) rà ©pà ©tons (vous) rà ©pà ©tez

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Geomorphology Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Geomorphology - Lab Report Example This problem affects many Americans. The term ‘IPV’ can be used to describe the sexual, physical, or psychological harm from a former or current spouse or partner. The violence can happen in same sex or heterosexual couples and does not need any sexual intimacy. The four types of IPV include physical violence, sexual violence, emotional or psychological violence, and threats of sexual or physical violence. These definitions are important because they help in monitoring the IPV incidences and examining the trends for certain duration of time. The definitions help in determining the potential of IPV and making the comparison of the problems in the whole jurisdiction. Fine definitions assist researchers in measuring the protective factors and risks involved in victimization. This informs the intervention and prevention efforts. The department will perform a child protective report investigation on child abuse, neglect and abandonment. After this, the department will make the application to the court for an action of continuous restriction against the individual responsible for managing the mental health, physical health and the children welfare care. Saltzman, L., Fanslow, J., McMahon, P., & Shelley, G. (2002). Intimate partner violence surveillance: uniform definitions and recommended data elements, version 1.0. Atlanta (GA): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and

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Criminal Justice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 11

Criminal Justice - Assignment Example Another principle is that of unanimous consensus, which relates to the event that jurists come to terms with the rulings make public by a judge. For this case, they all consider the ruling as fair and one that bases on their constitution. Such a principle is called Ijima in the Arabic language and faces heated debate from contemporary scholars. Another principle is that of analogy, which means using reasoning and logic in relation to an established law, but in response to a new situation. An example of such is the fact that the law prohibits Muslims from drinking alcohol, which may apply to other forms of alcoholic drinks such as wine and whiskey. The same law also applies urf, which means customs, for which the jurists attach value to the preservation of customs known to the majority of the people. The jurists will, therefore, make their rulings basing on methods that will exalt the traditions of the religion as well as the cultures of the people. The rulings made also depend on the principle of individual reasoning, which gives the judges a chance of making decisions out of their reasoning. The chapter discusses the international criminal court that has its headquarters in The Hague. The court is a formulation of the Rome statute and deals with cases of crimes committed against humanity. The court is one of the few existent institutions that ensure that there is an observation of human rights by laying pressure on the leaders around the world to observe the respect for many. For instance, the court’s foundation was one of the efforts that the world made towards ending of the Second World War as well as the activities of mass killing of people. (Schmalleger 34). The development of cybercrime is one of the advancements in technology that have made crime a modernized activity. For instance, there are many types of such crimes, which range from fraud to terrorism and other types of criminal activities.  

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Education Essay Example for Free

Education Essay As they move into adolescents learning is obtained from multiple people including teachers, friends, and even through their surroundings. An ideal education promotes knowledge while incorporating valuable information that can be used to help in everyday life. â€Å"-Education is the process of acquiring knowledge. † True education comes in many different forms. Granted it is important to study the basic academic courses including reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and social studies which all will help set a strong foundation for the student. It is equally just as significant that the educator offer alternative information for the well-being of the student. Education should build not only on the text that lies within a book, but should also touch base with everyday life. Nutrient plays a key role in education. For someone to be alert, and attentive in class it is crucial for them to get a healthy meal to retain the information. There are many ways that administration can assist in this matter. For starters, they need to assure that every student gets a well-balanced breakfast in the morning and a wholesome lunch in the afternoon. We need to educate students that proper nourishment is a must. Every school should have a dietician design a meal plan that revolves around wholesome foods. Each student needs to be taught that good eating habits are essential to living a healthy life-style and being successful. A lot of health issues could be avoided if school providers taught children at a young age the difference between good foods and bad. Also, by putting the teachings into action and letting the children practice fun ways to create healthy dishes with their classmates and absorb an important lesson. So many people eat the wrong foods and suffer tremendously because, they are not educated on the proper foods to consume. Students need to be aware what can happen if they make poor eating choices, and how junk food effects not only their health and weight, but also their mental capability’s as well. Good eating habits need to be exercised in the lunchroom, as well as the classroom to be fully educated in nutrient. Physical fitness is equally important when speaking upon education. With computers and video games on the rise, it is more likely in today’s society for a child to be sitting in front of one of these devices, then it is for them to be playing outside. While these machines can be great educational tools and stimulate the mind, they do nothing when it comes to physical fitness. Physical education needs to be incorporated in the learning process. Students need to experience the joy associated with exercise. Physical education classes today are either limited or almost non-existent. Students should have a set time everyday for physical education. This will help fight obesity and promote healthy-living. Students need to be exposed to physical hard work and know that it pays off. The rewards associated with physical education are huge. It teaches the student how to get in shape and stay fit while building strength. Physical education gives the student the necessary tools to participate in after school sports as well as exposing them to different activities. By doing so it points the student in a positive direction, and gives them a clear outlook on life. It praises confidence and frowns on laziness. From this class the student will take away the skills needed to keep their body healthy and trim. It also will build social development with others while enlightening them. There is no better way to learn than learning through exposure. The student needs to be taught that a healthy body is equally important to a healthy mind. Education comes in many forms. Home economics at one point in time was quit popular in our school systems. Over the years the budget for this course has dissipated. But there is still great importance for this class, for both boys and girls. It is not out of the ordinary for students in today’s generation to graduate high school, attend college and not know how to function and live as young adults. This course is crucial for instilling the survival skills to transition from living at home with parents, to living on one’s own. All of the basic household duties should be taught along the lines of learning how to do laundry, sew, and prepare meals. Also how to clean properly and how to manage a household domestically and financially. These skills will be used in everyday life, and are important to be educated on. Education also means sophistication. Teachers play a huge role in sharing their knowledge through textbooks, and communication. They are truly the key in getting a student interested and excited about learning something new. If the student connects with the instructor it makes it easier to retain the information . We need educators who love their job, and who are happy to pass along valuable teachings. Even when a student gets discouraged, a good educator, who cares, goes beyond there call of duty to make sure the student is understanding the information. Even though they teach the basics courses which include English, Math, Science, and History, education should also give the student options. Being educated means you are well-rounded in different areas. It would be of great value if the student could study more than just the requirements. If they could pick out subjects that interest them, it’s more likely that they will absorb the information, and be excepting of the learning process. Since one-third of a child’s life is spent in a classroom its inevitable that the educator have a great deal of influence on how the student perceives learning. For the instructor it’s crucial that they find fun ways to motivate the student, while getting their point across. Being creative puts the student a greater advantage because, it stimulates the mind and makes them more willing to retain the facts. Smaller classrooms ensure that the student recieve more one on one attention. It takes a special person to be an educator, and provide enlightenment so the student can have a fair chance at success. Ultimately it is the individual who will decide what their future holds. Whether they choose to be a stay at home parent, have an office job, or work outdoors, their education is centered around what was learned in the classroom, and should roll over into their adult lives. Having an education is of great value, and it is that education that strengthens them as a person. It requires dedication, and motivation to build on the person you are, and the person that you will become. Every situation and ordeal that a person encounters builds on their character, and their mind growth. Education is knowledge learned from others. There are many people that contribute to the learning process. Of course the obvious is someone’s family, friends, or teacher , but really anyone who enlightens you into understanding something is educating you. The greatest phenomenon associated with education is that there is always something new to learn. An ideal education incorporates many individuals who share valuable information that can be used in everyday life, while generating options and opportunity for success.

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Psychology of Altruism and Morality :: essays papers

Psychology of Altruism and Morality The two competing theoretical frameworks that attempt to explain the development of morality are cognitive-behavioral and cognitive-developmental. The cognitive-behavioral approach is taken by Liebert, and the cognitive-developmental approach is taken by Kohlberg. Both sides have strong arguments that support their own theories and try to tear apart the opposing theory. The cognitive-developmental approach has been studied extensively by Lawrence Kohlberg. Through his studies using moral dilemmas, Kohlberg developed his six stages of moral development. In these stages, Kohlberg concentrates on the reasons why people act the way they do; not the way they think about their actions or what action they take, but the reasoning behind their actions. The six stages that Kohlberg defines are grouped into three levels, with two levels at each stage. They are grouped as follows: Level 1 - Preconventional / Pre Moral *Stage 1: Punishment & Obedience - Actions that are punished are wrong. *Stage 2: Instrumental Relativist Orientation - focus is on the self. How will my actions reward me? Level 2 - Conventional *Stage 3: People at stage three begin to value the respect of the opinion and values of other. *Stage 4: Law and Order - Appreciation for rules, laws, and regulations of society. Level 3 - Post Conventional *Stage 5: Social Contrast Legalistic Orientation *Stage 6: Universal Ethical Principle These stages are important to Kohlberg’s four most general beliefs. One of Kohlberg’s first assertions is that people advance through these stages in an invariant sequence. Advancement through these stages occurs in order from 1 - 6, with no stages skipped, and there is no regression. Kohlberg’s second assertion is that people cannot comprehend reasoning more than one stage ahead of their current stage. Kohlberg also believes that people are attracted to higher stage reasoning because it is more adequate, and finally, stage movement is motivated by cognitive disequilibrium. The cognitive-developmental approach is supported by research done by Kohlberg and other researchers who have attempted to replicate Kohlberg’s findings. One study conducted by John Snarey and Joseph Reimer attempted to prove the cultural universality of Kohlberg’s stages. The study, conducted in Turkey, was a longitudinal study using ninety-two kibbutz-born Israeli’s. The results were consistent with Kohlberg’s studies done in both the United States and Turkey, making the cultural universality argument stronger. Contradicting the cognitive-developmental approach is the cognitive-

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SNC Reaction Paper

What was it spent on? Who were the recipients? Investigations suggested that the money was used to pay bribes to unknown North African agents in order to sanction mufti-million dollar future projects. This was possibly done to maximize company revenue, but the deed is still questionable with Demise's grey past. The archbishop Of Milan, SST. Ambrose once said, â€Å"When in Rome, do as the Romans. † Does this translate to Zinc's actions in North Africa? Doing business in different parts of the world can be a difficult game because of varied cultural and professional differences.What may seem wrong in North America may be an everyday occurrence in another part of the world. Bribery is one such act. A bribe, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is â€Å"money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust†. From personal experience, in some countries, not paying a bribe or not â€Å"giving a gift' may pro long or delay work, and in some cases even create a roadblock and completely stop the project. In some countries, offering a bribe is legal while in others it is considered a felony.The question forever is, is bribery ethical? Ethics, in my opinion, are culture specific and, as the professor mentioned in class, time specific. Slavery, for example was an integral part of a perfectly normal society in ancient times but now is considered a heinous crime. Pierre Daytime bribed officials to influence their decision in choosing SYNC Laving for construction projects. But even after investigations, it is not known what this bribe was used for. Daytime and Ben Sass were also linked to illegal activities like money laundering with the controversial Miramar Godhead of Libya.Keeping in mind his past history and the act of bribery itself positions me to believe that Daytime acted unethically. I also believe that bribery, in any form, is morally wrong irrespective of where one does business. In t his case, Daytime, the board of directors, the agents and the officials in North Africa are the active agents. The shareholders, potential and current clients, the employees of SYNC Laving as well as their competitors are the passive agents. Let's analyses the ethical issues in this case using a few models.Virtue Based Moral Reasoning expects en to maximize certain virtues like honesty, integrity, fairness and transparency. Daytime in his actions exhibited dishonesty and dishonor by bribing and laundering money. These actions were unfair to the shareholder as they were and still are unaware about where their money was spent. Lack of transparency creates a loss of trust amongst employees and stake-holders as well. Demise's actions were, therefore, unethical. Next, let's look at it through a Communitarian's approach. This method stresses that contracts, implicit and explicit, should be respect and not breached under any resistance.Daytime had a fiduciary duty towards the corporation, which he breached as the company lost its reputation as a result of this bribery debacle. He had also signed an implicit contract with the employees of the organization which was breached when he paid no heed to company ethics before making his decisions. Falsifying accounts by using terms like â€Å"project consultancy costs† and â€Å"project commercial costs† for the money spent towards bribes is equivalent to lying to shareholders as these statements are finally sanctioned by the CEO. Thus we see that SYNC Laving and Daytime acted unethically on the basis of Communitarian's.However, if you look at the decision through a Consequentiality perspective, an approach where only the consequences of your actions matter, Daytime, while making this decision was actually right. He paid a small price (in the form of a bribe), which in turn would bring in business worth billions and increase the company's revenue. He believed that ends justified the means. However, after the en tire incident unfolded, SYNC Laving not only lost a lot of money through trials and fines, but also lost something more important, trust and reputation.Thus, I believe that this act was unethical even through a consequentiality approach. If Daytime was acting under a veil of ignorance, he would definitely not authorize these payments. SYNC Laving could have been a company that has lost out to a lucrative contract just because another company was willing to bribe their way to the contract. Here we see that through a Rawlins Liberalism approach, Daytime was unethical. According to Graham Tucker's theory, an ethical decision should positively answer all his five questions. Daytime and SYNC Lapin's board fails to answer these questions positively.Was their decision profitable? Definitely not. SYNC Lapin's profits reduced from $76 million to $67 million in the first quarter of 201 2 itself. Secondly, bribe giving is illegal in Canada which negatively answers his second question, is it le gal? He then goes on to ask if it is fair. If you look at this from their competitors perspective, their decision was unfair to the competitors who missed out on deals as they refused to pay bribes. This decision was also not right as this money was paid to unnamed and unknown recipients to influence the company's goals.Finally, it fails to positively answer if paying bribes ensures sustainable development. Such acts result in recurrence of ill doing which in turn can backfire on the corporation. Most successful organizations usually boast of having a clean slate and usually do not indulge in such acts. Bribery may be a quick fix but is definitely not a permanent solution. Informs CEO and my former boss, Nary Murphy once suggested, â€Å"If bribe giving, and not bribe taking, is made legal then the bribe giver shall indeed cooperate with the authorities to expose the bribe taker.This seems o be an interesting idea and think it should be implemented†. Such a policy will encour age victims to blow the whistle on bribe takers fearlessly and in turn help combat corruption. In my view, businesses can very well flourish even in the harshest situations. Informs is a great example; an organization which flourished ethically in an environment which was not very welcoming to entrepreneurs with a conscience. Their vision was not to just build a profitable organization, but a respectable one. In 1984, Informs imported a supercomputer and the customs official at the airport refused to clear it without a bribe.Any delay was unacceptable and the only alternative was to pay a customs duty of 135% and then appeal for a refund. Murphy borrowed money and paid the duty. He believes that at the end of the day, a clear conscience is the softest pillow on which you can lay down your head at night. Firmly believe that bribery is an evil which eventually leads to corrupt business and political environment. Even though it is viewed differently in different cultures, morally it st ill is wrong and unethical. I'd rather not do business in a market which enforces bribery than silence my scruples and indulge in a social evil.

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A Brief Description of Non-Parametric Tests

Non-parametric Tests In contrast to parametric tests, non-parametric tests do not require any assumptions about the parameters or about the nature of population. It is because of this that these methods are sometimes referred to as the distribution free methods. Most of these methods, however, are based upon the weaker assumptions that observations are independent and that the variable under study is continuous with approximately symmetrical distribution. In addition to this, these methods do not require measurements as strong as that required by parametric methods.Most of the non- arametric tests are applicable to data measured in an ordinal or nominal scale. As opposed to this, the parametric tests are based on data measured at least in an interval scale. The measurements obtained on interval and ratio scale are also known as high level measurements. Level of measurement 1 . Nominal scale: This scale uses numbers or other symbols to identify the groups or classes to which various o bjects belong. These numbers or symbols constitute a nominal or classifying scale.For example, classification of individuals on the basis of sex (male, female) or on the basis of level of education (matric, senior secondary, raduate, post graduate), etc. This scale is the weakest of all the measurements. 2. Ordinal scale: This scale uses numbers to represent some kind of ordering or ranking of objects. However, the differences of numbers, used for ranking, don't have any meaning. For example, the top 4 students of class can be ranked as 1, 2, 3, 4, according to their marks in an examination. 3.Interval scale: This scale also uses numbers such that these can be ordered and their differences have a meaningful interpretation. 4. Ratio scale: A scale possessing all the properties of an interval scale along with a true zero point is called a ratio scale. It may be pointed out that a zero point in an interval scale is arbitrary. For example, freezing point of water is defined at 00 Celsiu s or 320 Fahrenheit, implying thereby that the zero on either scale is arbitrary and doesn't represent total absence of heat.In contrast to this, the measurement of distance, say in metres, is done on a ratio scale. The term ratio is used here because ratio comparisons are meaningful. For example, 100 kms of distance is four times larger than a distance of 25 kms while 1000F may not mean that it is twice as hot as SOOF. It should be noted here that a test that can be erformed on high level measurements can always be performed on ordinal or nominal measurements but not vice-versa.However, if along with the high level measurements the conditions of a parametric test are also met, the parametric test should invariably be used because this test is most powerful in the given circumstances. From the above, we conclude that a non-parametric test should be used when either the conditions about the parent population are not met or the level of measurements is inadequate for a parametric test . References: http://classofl . com/homework-help/statistics-homework-help/

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Cognitive Behavioral

Cognitive Behavioral ers, it can be generally summarized that these factors have become integrally important for the needs of the contemporary applied psychology. However, another group of no less authoritative psychological luminaries fervently support the idea that the concepts of the case formulation and case evaluation are the issues which will determine the entire subsequent evolutional development of this field of contemporary psychology. With regard to the establishment of the private practice, the importance of these concepts should never be underestimated due to the following facts. First and foremost, despite all the criticism, the process of case formulation is indeed the most effective technique utilized for the determination of the diagnosis of the patient and the identification of these major deviations that should be subjected to the subsequent treatment. Moreover, in this context is should be additionally highlighted that the process of case formulation can be used for the needs of experience encapsulation. Since the individual cases and the ways the ailments of those cases were treated are summarized and collected in one study, the mentioned encapsulation can be used for the needs of the subsequent practice. The Role of the Therapist Therapist is known to be the individual specialist who eradicates various ailments diagnosed among the patients. The role played by him/her individually is immensely important for the needs of the contemporary medical practice in general and the proliferation of the CBT therapy in particular, since he/she is the major linking chain between the theory and the practice. Moreover, the concept of evaluation techniques is no less important, since this technique is also among the most contributive primarily due to the fact that since the methods of the disorders evaluation are gradually accumulated, processes and the inferences thereof are always made, more complicated cases that will be encountered in future will be diagnosed and cured with ease. Besides, this theory really facilitates the practicing community to identify the sources of distorted or dysfunctional way of thinking which are reviewed as the most fundamental grounds for the majority of the contemporary psychological disorders. The Importance of Assessment within the CBT Practice However effective the cognitive behavioral therapy may be, before the efficacy is proven for the international medical scholarly and practicing communities, the tactics and their efficiency should be independently tested. Alongside with the healing techniques, diagnosis formulation and effective patient treatment, the determination of the CBT efficiency with recourse to the assessment methods is becoming increasing important. It is a widely accepted fact that the methods of case formulation and case evaluation are among the most effective toolkits which are utilized to archive the practice of the practicing community. In this context, it should be accentuated that the practicing community always recourse to the above discussed methods. The methods of case formulation and case evaluation are ubiquitously reported to be among the most widely applied methods of data interchange among the psychologists and psychiatrists. These tools really help to accumulate, archive and effectively transmit information which relates to the negative automatic thoughts, which are regarded by the international scholarly community as one of the major sources of the mentally-related disorders and ailments, negative behavior and demeanor and somatic reactions of the patients and clients. More importantly, the discussed techniques are considered as being vitally important for the needs of formulation and concretization of the working hypothesis in each individual case of the detected deviations or dysfunctions of a patient or a client. The blueprint scheme is always completed on the basis of these assumptions and the theoretical inferences and practical evidences obtained as a result of the processes relating to the formulation and evaluation are necessarily applied within the course of the subsequent treatment of the targeted patients. As far as the treatments of the anxiety, panic disorder or depression are concerned, several specific important assumptions should be stressed. First and foremost, conventional algorithms of the problem formulation and evaluation, discussed in the previous abstracts are to be followed. In other words, it is integrally important for the needs of successful ailment detection and subsequent treatment that the problem is to systematically analyze and process in full accordance with the procedures of the cognitive theory model. The treatment of the most common panic disorders is peculiar in contrast to the rest of the frequently encountered disorders. First and foremost, the panic disorders treatment involves a multiple set of sedative and appeasement techniques designed to stabilize the state of the patient and to make him susceptible to the subsequent treatment.

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Admission Essays Writing

Admission Essays Writing Admission Essays Writing Admission Essays Writing: The Introduction Admission essay writing is obviously included in the list of admission and exams to the MBA. Some MBA schools even require several essays, the quantity of which depends on the school. The essence of the MBA essay topics is usually the same every year. They do not usually change much: The Most Widespread Questions We offer you several of the admission essay questions. There are questions about your contribution to education and about your versatility. What reasons influenced your professional choice? Please, tell us about your plans for the professional future. Where do you want to get your MBA degree to achieve the desired objective? Tell us about your career. Why do you need the MBA degree? How will develop your career after receiving MBA degree? Tell us more about, what is your plan to do in the near future and in the future after receiving your MBA degree. How will education at MBA School contribute to the achievement of your goals? Briefly tell us about your professional achievements. Tell us details about your plans for the future and what caused you to get MBA degree at the university? What are your plans after receiving MBA degree? These are the most typical essay topics of every business school. You must clearly and precisely explain, why you need an MBA degree, and be able to prove it, writing an essay. Essay questions are usually divided into several parts. Most of them concern your past. Did you succeed in business today? Tell us, what influences your future. How will develop your career after receiving your MBA degree? What are your future plans? Admission Essay Help: Responsibility And Trust Why should you order custom essay writingat our company? We have well-organized and well-structured staff. Each employer is responsible for his own work. For example, the essay writer writes, professional editor edits, manager controls the process of performance of the custom essay order. Unlike other companies, where one person performs admission essay service, all our employees are divided into groups of specialization: economics, law, science, humanitarian, technical etc, and thus the organizational structure of the company is created. Secondly, in order to take a systemic approach to take and control essay orders a service administration was established. And thirdly, most important, is that an organized group of editors are responsible for the quality of the custom essay order. We are a reliable, experienced company! Contact us to convince of the best results and 100% guaranteed success! Read also: Much Ado About Nothing Coursework Marketing Coursework Self Critique Essay MLA Format Bibliography Critical Essay Essays on Patriotism

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How to implement dual language programs in already established Dissertation

How to implement dual language programs in already established elementary schools - Dissertation Example This shortcoming has both local and far-reaching effects ranging from immigrants who try to make themselves understood to the business person who must negotiate with foreign governments (Firoz, Maghrabi & Lee 2002). Leon Panetta, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, stated, â€Å"To stay competitive in the global society, the U.S. needs more people with foreign language proficiency† (Picard, 2010, para. 3). Although the population of the United States has expanded through several generations of immigrants, command of foreign languages is not as prevalent in the United States as it is in other countries in the world. For Example, in the European Union, more than 50% of the population is functionally communicative in their native language plus one more (Hulstrand, 2008). Data from the 2007 American Community Survey captured information on language use by members of the US population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). Less than half (42.7%) of 5- to 17-year-olds had English-only speaking ability. More (72.4%) 18- to 40-year-olds were English-only proficient, and even more (78.3%) of individuals ages 41 to 64 years were English-only proficient. Of those 65 years old or older, 32.6% spoke only English (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). There is a need to increase the numbers of students who are proficient in a second language in addition to English. Beginning with entrance into school at 5 years of age, and continuing through high school and beyond, students could benefit from a dual-language instruction (DLI) or two-way immersion (TWI) program. Lindholm-Leary and Borsato stated, â€Å"High school students who participated in the TWI program developed high levels of academic competence and motivation, ambitions to go to college, knowledge about how to apply to and get into college, and pride in bilingualism† (p. 1). Students who participate in TWI programs become proficient in more than one language into adulthood and are able to contribute a global society (Estrada, Gomez, & Ruiz-Escalante, 2009). Denver, Colorado, maintains a largely monolingual school district at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The district is considered to have a high-mobility population; students in this school district have moved more than once, and up to three times or more in any given school year (Denver Public Schools [DPS], 2010). The Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP), implemented in 2002 to address the standards imposed by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 ([NCLB] 2002), is the state-mandated test that all students from Grade 3 through Grade 12 must take. NCLB obligates every teacher to be highly qualified in their specialty subject(s), including reading. Fifth-grade English language learners (ELLs) and English language proficient (ELP students in largely monolingual public schools in Denver have consistently shown little to no progress in reading (DPS, 2010). What little progress has been reported by the CSAP since 2005—only a 9 percentage-point median growth for students across the district, regardless of ethnicity (Colorado Department of Education, 2011)—is cause for concern. From a starting level of 46 percentage points in 2005, students’ CSAP scores in reading have ris en and fallen unpredictably. In 2006, scores for progress in reading rose to 49 percentage points. In 2007, scores for progress in reading plummeted to 42 percentage points. Scores rose to 53 percentage points in 2008 and fell again to 50 percentage points in 2009. Finally in 2010, reading across the district rose again to 55 percentage points (DPS, 2010). The DPS district is not the only one in the state or any other state with high numbers of ELLs who are experiencing reading problems (Goldenberg,

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Film Reflection Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Film Reflection - Movie Review Example This includes the search for a good career that is believed to be in the Canada, the good education system in Canada (Srabani M Tania Das G 2015) indicates, that the desire to have a sense of belonging which covers the political and cultural aspects of the theory is also one of the attractants. A good Canadian health system is also one of the things that led the women into the country. A desire to explore oneself and adventure was also cited as one of the reasons for migration. Some women desire to develop themselves by putting into practice their creative ideas and, as a result, migrate to Canada as they believe there is a good self-nurturing environment. The women face various challenges in Canada. This relates well to the post-colonial feminist theory that depicts the struggles for recognition for non-western women. The struggles for the three women include the long periods taken before being processed and accepted after the application for immigration. For example, it took 6-8 years before the application to be accepted. The first impression of Canada is contrary to their opinion and expectations. Most of them expected Canada to a colorful and developed country only to find it empty as compared to their homes. They also expected to settle into stable jobs within a short duration of time after arriving into the country. However, they find it difficult to get employment and some have to do jobs that not within their area of expertise so as to pay the bills despite the dissatisfaction it brings them. The women realized that not everything was as easy as they thought it would be. It depicts that within a span of one, over 280,000 individuals tend to move from their native land to get asylum in Canada. The film also describes the changes in education that they had to make once in Canada despite their earlier skills and past knowledge. This lack of recognition of their past qualifications shows discrimination of the women by the

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To what extent have the traditionally distinctive characteristics of Essay

To what extent have the traditionally distinctive characteristics of the French state been eroded in recent years - Essay Example s meant that belonging to the EU promotes a sense of Europeanization as the European countries have come together in order to create a collaborative force for the economy of the region. This has led to a disintegration of the traditional family style business ownership that typified the states economic base as a cultural form of identification. The family is extremely important to the French as a certain sense of homogeny is a part of the sociological identity. An observable lack of trust is part of the cultural identity of the French people, therefore the emersion of the state into an organization that is intent on making an overall European state that is unified under one policy does not culturally set well. the Algiers crisis of 1958 where The Algerian War of Independence led to great turmoil within France which was resulted in a push towards decolonization. This marked the return of Charles de Gaulle as a political leader and through which the Fifth Republic would be built. The inability of the leaders of the Fourth Republic to make decisions about decolonization was the core reason that it failed and a new constitution which marked the beginning of the Fifth Republic was put into place. The Fifth Republic Constitution was defined by the leadership of a president who was elected into office for seven years. This form of presidential system replaced the former system that was parliamentary in nature. Charles de Gaulle was the first president elected under the constitution and in 1962 promoted and succeeded in creating a change that diverted the election of the president away from the electoral college system to a direct vote by the citizens. Despite heavy opposition, de Gaulle managed to pass this proposal. In the year 2000, the length of the presidential term was changed from seven years to five years. The situation with the presidency that was developed in the Fifth Republic is that it was instituted without giving over much in the way of power. According

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The red scare and the crucible

The red scare and the crucible The term Red Scare indicates two marked periods of strong and great anti-Communism in the United States of America. The first Red Scare took place from the year 1919 to 1920, and the second Red Scare, occurred between 1947 and 1957. The first Red Scare related to worker or socialist, political and radicalism revolution, while the second Red Scare focused on issues relating to foreign and national communists who infiltrated the society or influenced the federal government. The beginning of the first Red Scare was due to the Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917 and the greatly patriotic World War I year, as the left-wing political violence, anarchist and social agitation worsen national political and social. Mr. Murray B. Levin a former member of the Communist Party and a political scientist noted that the Red Scare was a national wide rebellion against radical hysteria, which was provoked by a buildup of fear, anxiety and intimidation that Bolshevik revolution was forth coming in America was forth coming. The revolution would give a new look to the home, civility, Church, home, marriage, and the entire American Lifestyle (Burnett).The media and Newspapers translated the political anxiety and fears into xenophobia, solely because an array of radical anarchism were seen to be the answers to poverty. Recent European immigrants were often the advocates and, the World Industrial Workers supported several strikes, organized by labor in 1916 and 1917. The pre ss portrayed the strikes as radical threats to US society and as being instigated by some foreign agents provocateurs, and the left wing. The press media misrepresented genuine labor strikes as being Communism establishment plots, crimes against society, and anti-government conspiracies. Transformations in public views and opinion lead to the loosing of many members by the left-wing organizations like the Industrial Workers of the World, communist and the Communist Party America. Several American states enacted a law known as the criminal syndicalism laws, which outlawed advocating of unrest and violence between the years 1919 and 1920. This was done in an effort to secure and effect social change in the states. The restrictions and regulations in the law included limitation of free speech. Aggressive investigation by police took root after the passing of these laws. Irrespective of ideological gradation, Red Scare failed to distinguish between socialism communism, and social democracy. The Second Red Scare took place after World War II, and coincided with the increased fear of communist espionage consequent, the Chinese Civil War, the Korean War, the acknowledgment of intelligence work for the Soviet Union given by several high-ranking American government officials, the Berlin Blockade, and Soviet Eastern Europe. The occurrences of the late 1940s, the court trial of Julius Rosenberg, and Ethel, the Iron Curtain between 1945 to 1991 around Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Unions nuclear weapon creation surprised the American public (Miller). The influencing popular opinion about America national security, in turn, connected to fear of the ability of the Soviet Union, carrying out an atomic-bombing on its territories, and fear of the United States of America Party of Communist contributed largely to the Red Scare. Whittaker Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, former CPUSA members and NKVD spies, testified at the House Un-American Activities Committee, that communist sympathiz ers and Soviet spies had made penetration into the government of the United States and this happened prior to and even after World War II. Out of pride, other United States American citizen spies confessed, to their activities of espionage in instances where the statute of limitations on their prosecution had run. In the year 1949, fear of American traitors and anti communist, was mounted by the winning of the Chinese Civil War by the Chinese Communists against the Western supported Kuomintang, one of the founders of the Peoples Republic of China, and later the intervention of the Chinese in the Korean War against American ally nation of South Korea (Eaklor 87). The Second Red Scare greatly changed and aggravated the temper of U.S society. The societys later identification as anti-intellectual may be have been seen as a contributed by factors such as escalating popularity of anti-communist espionage like â€Å"My Son John† and science fiction movies such as â€Å"The Thing from another World† of 1951. Such resources contained themes and stories of the invasion, infiltration, destruction, and subversion, of United States society by non-American sentiments and inhuman individuals. The animosity even lead to a baseball team, originally known as Cincinnati Reds to , temporarily change their   name to Cincinnati Red legs to avoid the loose of money and their career ruining legacy consistent in being ball playing Reds. As an indication of the ability of the American government to curry out intelligence gathering, it released details of the Venona Project for the Soviet Union from 1940 through 1980 in 1995. In the duration of the McCarthy era, many Americans were accused of being members of the Communists movement or of being communist sympathizers and therefore becoming the objects and subject of aggressive interrogations and questioning by the private industry panels, or government, committees and special agencies. Government employees, individuals in the showbiz and entertainment industry, teachers, union activists and instructors, were the primary targets of such victimization and suspicions (Bowers 19). Despite questionable evidence or inconclusive findings, the suspicions continued to be given credence. There was also a great exaggeration of level of threat presented by a persons real or supposed leftist interactions or beliefs. A great number of people went through the pain of losing employment, career destruction, and even long-term imprisonment. Most of the punishments issued were because of trial verdicts and convictions based on laws that would be later declared unconstitutio nal. The most famous and well-known examples of McCarthyism during the Red Scare are Sen. McCarthys own personal trial hearings, speeches, and communists investigations. The Hollywood blacklist, associated with the House Committee on Non-American Activities hearings, and a range of anti-communist behavior of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), are key examples of McCarthyism. The cultural and social widespread phenomenon had an immense effect on all levels of society. Furthermore, it was seen as the source of a great debatable issues and conflict in the United States of America. The Crucible is known to be a tale of the Salem witch-hunts that was practiced during the preceding days before the institution and founding of the United States (Bloom 197). Arthur Miller, a play writer, wrote that story. It is an allegorical presentation of Joseph McCarthy and the hunt for Communists in the 1950s during the Red Scare. The intention of the play was to depict that McCarthy, as being the wit ch hunters, and that he was making profits from public hysteria by persecuting innocent people. The soviet archives along with the data of the Venona Project released by the U.S intelligence, later suggested that some of McCarthys targets were actually guilty of becoming enemy agents. During the Red Scare and the Crucible United States citizens, were in apprehension of communism in the same manner in which people were in witchcraft trepidation in the Salem witch trials. Distinguishing attributes of the two occurrences are can be compared between that of Arthur Millers Crucible narrative and the Red Scare occurrences that took place in American history. During the time when the witch trials were conducted in The Crucible, people were forced to either agreeing or confessing to having committed the witchery crime or direct the blame towards another suspect or a different person. Part of the crucible story, records that trouble in The Crucible started when Abigail Williams blamed Tituba for the actions of the girls who used to dance among the trees or woods. She replied that, she made him not to do it, but instead made Betty to do it. The statement given against another person generated the emergence of pandemonium in Salem. Such quotes are perfect example that leader s like Miller presented in his dialog relating to the way people conducted themselves during the duration of the Red Scare. Another example of an instance of how people behaved during the Red Scare is Mary Warren story. She states that John Proctor is worked in the company and together with the devil. Arthur Millers vividly illustrated the thought that everyone must agree to confess or face death, and that being against the court meant also being against the church in The Crucible narration. The achievements by Sen. McCarthy to United States are undeniable to the historians and those who look at history with impartial eye. At a time when agents of the most murderous empire in human history were infiltrating America, McCarthy was the only voice that stood against victimization and tyranny (Senator McCarthy Inc.). He managed to expose hundreds of agents who were determined to destroy Unite States. If Sen. McCarthy never got the nerve to express what he knew, the possibilities that the USSR might still have been in existence today would be true. Senator Joseph McCarthy is on record as having been the first one who indicated that communism had come over to the United States of America and their spies were letting out Americans secret intelligence information. Lies seemed to be the grounds upon which America was governed, from its very commencement of Salem with trial to the Sen. McCarthy occurrences. A considerable number of people of the Eastern Europeans descent, who once lived under the ruler ship of the Soviet, owe their freedom to Senator McCarthy today. The patriotism of Sen. McCarthy did not fail to come with a price. It cost him his work and finally his life. Having determinate his willingness to protect and defend United States freedom, Senator Joseph McCarthy is without a doubt an American patriot and hero. Although he ruined several lives and led to the downfall of many careers, McCarthy is the man who changed the landscape of American politics. His speech proved that America adhered to the tenets of the constitution of freedom of expression and speech. His acts of free speech, hunting for communist proposers and liberals who were thought to be pro-communist led to the downfall of President Harry S.S. Truman and several other Democrats from the Congress and the White House. His actions also led to the fanning of the cold war hatred embers that went on for several years up until the early 90s. McCarthy also changed the atomic bomb focus of the world through the Red Scare. He broke through the ranks of communism, ensured that the formulae for making atomic bombs has not been spread by Communist spies in the U.S. This somehow contributed to the curtailing of the number of countries and people who can make bombs that are of a powerful nature. McCarthy is a man who reduced the communist stance and existence around America and in the Globe!

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Global Poisoning System Essay -- Technology

Abstract: This paper focuses on modeling the errors which normally degrade the accuracy of Global Poisoning System (GPS). The performance of the GPS is mainly affected by ionospheric errors. SiRF Star III single frequency receiver is used for collecting and projecting datum in World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS-84) co-ordinate form. To project the ellipsoidal model onto a map model, datum conversion from WGS-84 to Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) form is needed. The conversion introduces errors in the datum. The variation in the errors can be observed from day to night, area to area and also due to the seasonal changes. The datum is collected from Ameerpet region of Hyderabad, which is a heavily populated area with heavy traffic and tall buildings. The variation in the datum has been observed from afternoon to evening. Keywords: GPS, WGS-84, UTM, Ionospheric errors, Northings and Eastings I. INTRODUCTION The space-based global navigation satellite system that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near the Earth with sub-meter accuracy is called Global Positioning System (GPS) [1]. It consists of a constellation of 28 satellites in six different orbits which give the information of the position of the user with sub meter accuracy [3]. If there are four or more GPS satellites in unobstructed line of sight with the receiver, accurate spatial co-ordinates can be obtained [2]. The datum obtained from the satellites, contain the information about the position and timing by calculating the the Keplerian orbit elements. The location information from GPS is based on the choice of coordinate system and datum [3]. The coordinate systems that are mostly used in GPS are Wor... ...ned due to the rounding up of the values in the algorithm. Works Cited [1] Bradford w. Parkinson. â€Å"Global Positioning System: Theory and Applications – vol. I and II†, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Washington, 1996. [2], visited on 1/12/10. [3] http://www. 9780126836301/ appendices/ Chapter_2_ECI_ Cartesian_Coordinates_to_Kepler_Orbit_Elements_Conversion.pdf [4] [5] Iyiade Adeniyi, â€Å"Ionospheric Error in GPS Applications† ( /procGA05/pdf/GP1. 46(01062).pdf), visited on 30/10/10. [6] Ordnance Survey, â€Å"A Guide to Coordinate System in Great Britain†, (, visited on05/01/11.

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A Speech of Health Essay

Hello students, faculty, members of the school board, Superintendent, and parents. When I was first told that I was going to be the speaker for graduation, I was overcome. I was overcome with pride and excitement, as I’m sure we all are today as we close this chapter on our lives, but most of all, I was overcome with a feeling. A feeling that I have fooled you all into electing a Canadian to speak on this very important occasion. (Canadian Accent) I bet about now, you are all finally realizing just what it is you’ve done, eh? But it’s too late, eh? I can’t be stopped†¦. (Drape Canadian flag over top of podium) The rich history of Canada is a very long and interesting one. One that begins in the early years of. †¦ (Trail off and give a moment of thought)† **remove flag† or better yet have someone do it for you. ) Seriously though, after I got over my initial reaction, I realized that this was going to be a very difficult undertaking. So I did what any teen-age boy would do in a similar situation. I turn to my friends! see more:welcome speech for sports day I received two pieces of advice that not only helped me with the situation at hand, but I feel will be the predominant source of motivation for the next big step in my life and everything that follows thereafter. These two pieces of advice were. (Hold up palms with numbers inked on them) No. 1: Don’t Screw up! No. 2: Be Funny! Obviously after these two gems of advice, I was prepared to write a stunning and powerful speech that will remain with every one of us till the day we die. Or at least until one of the real speakers come up here and says something meaningful. It’s hard to believe that we’ll all be leaving this place finally. It is even harder to believe that from now on, we’re going to pretty much have to fend for ourselves. I think that whether we know it or not, we’ve gained a lot of the tools that we’ll need to make it out there, right here at Welch. Personally, I’ve learned some of the most important messages of my life within these hallowed halls. I’ve learned that it’s important to walk the road less traveled, because after a while, running down freshman in the packed hallways just loses some of its appeal. I’ve learned that no matter how good an idea may seem at the time, sometimes a giant metal dollar sundial that never sees the sun, could possibly be a bad idea! I’ve learned the importance of sticking strong to your ideals and not giving in to peer pressure, because we have to be ourselves, we have to think with our own mind! (look over at Mr.  Quinn) Is that good Quinn? Is, is that all right? Oh, ok. And no matter who’s doing it! Dammit! We will NOT CHEER! Finally, and probably most importantly, from the ever vigilant and all knowing administration, I’ve learned that a girl’s belly button is a dangerous and powerful thing that should be covered, feared, contained, kept from the world, for the good of all people everywhere. If you are able to decipher any sort of message out of what I’m saying today at all, it should be that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. When we’re all off in college, or working at our jobs, or still living off of our parents, and we look back on our lives here at E-W, we’re not going to remember the tests we aced, or the classes we took, or the endless nights in front of a computer screen. But instead we’re going to remember the good times we had, the parties, the laughs we shared, but most of all, we’ll remember the people we knew. I was once told that you’re only as good as the people that you surround yourself with. Well, there is not a higher caliber of people that I would rather surround myself with then you all sitting in front of me today. I am proud to say that I was a part of the Welch Class of 2006. Don’t ever forget where you came from, and always remember all of the great and unique people that you shared your four years with, and when we all come back and see each other again for our 20-year reunion, there are going to be all sorts of surprises. By that time Charlie Guo will probably be ruling the world with an iron fist, Katherine Piercy will be the new reigning arm wrestling champion of the world. Jon Goodwin will have his very own morning talk show called â€Å"Wake up with a cup of Jon†, Kamiya Woodard will be the new host of â€Å"The Weakest Link† and rename it â€Å"Man! You don’t know what you talking about! † Eunice Song will be†¦ well, let’s be honest, there really isn’t much hope for Eunice, (turn to Eunice) Eunice I guess you should have just tried a little harder. The entire cheerleading squad will find a permanent role on the â€Å"Young and The Restless†, when the director is surprised to find that intense daytime drama comes surprisingly easy to them. Finally, as I’ve been saying for four years now, we’ll all be shaking the hand of our President of the United States†¦. Steve Brown. If you don’t remember a single word of what I’ve said up here today, just remember this: Jobs, houses, money, and success will all come and go, but the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you are the good times and good friends you have had here at E-W. So in closing, I only have one more thing to say, on request from Blair Hanberg, I leave you all with â€Å"MEOW! â€Å"

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Factors Affecting Program Selection of Selected Polytechnic University of the Philippines

It is well acknowledge that education environment is an important element in determining students' ability to reach their fullest quality (dealing Jar. Et al. , 2006). Education is a medium of shaping students' ability and behavior. It is a process wherein one can achieve social competence. And also, it is through education that different knowledge can be transported and disseminated to everyone. Educational institutions also play an important tool in developing the students as they mold their mind and intellect.One of the famous and competitive educational institutions in the Philippines is the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). It is a public, non – sectarian and non – profit institution of higher learning which aids to strengthen the students' potentials. In today's environment, students select programs based on the quality of placement they are likely to get after the completion of their studies. In the case of the students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), the students aspire to Join those programs which ensure for a gainful employment.There are programs which are dominating from the other programs. It is due to the fact that some programs doesn't remises good placement for the students. Students formulate decisions throughout their college career, and decision- making is an important building block in the learning process. F. Yates, Venison, & Petulant (2003), defined decision as â€Å"a commitment to a course of action that is intended to produce a satisfying state of affairs. † Decision – making is essential because it makes things possible to take up the most excellent course of accomplishment in carrying out a given assignment.When there are different ways of performing a task, it becomes necessary to discover the greatest way and that is what decision-making is all about. The course of action finally selected would produce the best outcome. The program selection decisions of students are amo ng the most significant in the success of their education. It is vital to select carefully a program in order to fully accomplish their goals in life and to have a better and good quality future. Program selection is necessary for the reason that it helps us decides what our own lives what to be like.Particularly, the researchers aim to determine the factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students at Star. Mesa, Manila. Statement of the Problem The main purpose of this study is to determine the factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students. Specifically, the study aims to answer the following research questions: 1 . What are the respondents' profile as to age, gender, socio economic status and program? 2. What are the factors affecting program selection of the respondents? 3.Is there a relationship between the respondents' profile and their selection of programs? 4. What are the possible recommendations that can aid future college students in selecting their programs? Significance of the Study Through this study, future college freshmen students will have insights on the factors affecting present college students on how they select their degree programs and this will also serve as a guide in choosing their own programs wisely as they go on to college. This study will also provide some insights to present college students if in case they want to shift programs.This study will also profit the parents so that they will realize how important they are as a source of encouragement in which children are free to explore different areas of program selection. This study will look forward in giving their children n assurance to acquire quality education that would enable them to obtain better job, better income, and brighter future. This can also benefit guidance counselors from the different public and private high schools so that they can discuss the factors affect ing program selection of college students to current fourth year high school students and to guide them to choose their own programs carefully.The findings will serve as a guide to different universities and colleges so that they will know the most preferred programs of the students. This will also contribute to the government, most especially the Commission on Higher Education, for them to fully understand the state of the students of today, and for them to give appropriate action. This will also be helpful to future researchers so that they will have a guide and a reference for future study. This will also make them aware of the factors affecting college students' program selection.Scope and Delimitation of the Study This study deals on the factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students located at Star. Mesa, Manila which is the main campus of the said university. The researchers limit the respondents to 100 elected Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students. Definition of Terms In order to fully understand the research, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the terms being used by the researchers.These are the following: Commitment is remaining steadfast and true to your principles and goals, no matter how much dust is kicked up on the path ahead. It means reminding yourself of the obligations you have – not solely to other people but to yourself – and honoring those obligations (Raman, 2007). Education is an act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, evolving the powers of reasoning and Judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life Jackson, 2008). Gainful employment is a general term referring to a Job, especially a Job that a student takes after graduation (Local, 2011).Institutions are the kinds of structures that matter most in the social realm: they make up the stuff of social life (Hodgkin, 2006). Kno wledge is to represent reality in thought or experience the way it really is on the basis of adequate grounds (Moreland, 2008). Non – Sectarian means not restricted to one sector school or party (Russell, 2012). Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) is a government educational institution by Republic Act Number 8292 known as the Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997, and its Implementing Rules and Regulations contained in the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Circular No. , series 1997 (Polytechnic University of the Philippines, 2010). Quality is a measure of excellence; quality defines desirable characteristics of a product, a process, or a service (Hatfield, 2012). Selection is an act or instance of selecting or the state of being selected; choice (Yoder, 2011). Social Competence is the ability to get along well with oneself and with his environment (Adler, 2012). CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Program selection is the process of decision-mak ing.A great number of studies, researches, and write-ups has been conducted for a period of time and still emerged as one of the top-priority researches due to rapid changing and need of time. This chapter is the presentation of literature and studies from foreign to local which may directly or indirectly bearing to study at hand. Relevance to present studies will give a big picture why these literature and studies from foreign to local re used. Local Literature According to Syrians and Roses (1989), career planning is life goal-setting. Without such a plan, it is like making a Journey to an unfamiliar destination without a map.He proposed a Career Planning Guide that will help the students in choosing their appropriate program from planning a career, steps in planning career, goal- setting and self-understanding. Also, it reveals that guidance and counseling is intervention of underemployment individuals and career preparedness must be initiated. Foreign Literature According to Goo finess's Developmental Theory of Occupational Aspirations, it ascribes how people become attracted to certain occupations. Self-concept in career development is the key factor to career selection and people want Jobs that are compatible with their self-image.The key determinants of self-concept are one's social class, level of intelligence, and experiences. Roe's need approach emphasized that early childhood experiences play an important role in finding satisfaction in one's chosen field. The need structure of the individual, according to Roe, would be greatly influenced by early childhood frustrations and satisfactions. According to John Holland (2004), persons are paying attention to a given career by their particular personalities and various variables that represent their backgrounds.First of all, career choice is an expression of, or an extension of personality into the world of work followed by succeeding classification with particular working stereotypes. In view of that, one selects a program to satisfy preferred modal personal orientation. Modal personal orientation is a developmental process established through heredity and the individual's life history of reacting to environmental demands. If the individual has developed a strong dominant orientation, satisfaction is probable in a corresponding occupational environment.If, however the orientation is one of indecision, the livelihood of satisfaction diminishes. Local Studies According to the study conducted by Assign (1994), it was found out that the students' self-concept showed no significant influence on their career preferences. The academic achievements of students proved to be significant related to their program selection. The school were students came from had no influence on their choice of program. He recommends that a more improved and functional guidance revived in school to help students make sound career choices.The guidance services in school must be collaborative efforts of the admini strator, guidance counselors, and teachers. Classroom teachers are encouraged to do their best in improving teaching learning processes, considering that academic achievement of student influences their career preferences. Another study conducted by Lamellar (2003), it was found out that a large image off big family with low educational achievement and insufficient savings was the only basis of choosing a program, which was psychologically motivated. The exponent's level of preferred intelligence did not match to their chosen program.This could be drawn from the required level of the course in contrast with their level of preferred intelligence. The necessity of developing a career development program was need in order to prevent any misfits and to assist students in the process of crystallizing their career in life. She recommended that this program be effectively implemented. Foreign Studies According to the study conducted by Garage (2007), it was found out that by increasing car eer development activities, which includes setting career goals, students had a higher self-esteem.Maybe even more important, however, is that students were more satisfied about the education they were receiving. This will, in turn, hopefully lead to students having a deeper desire and commitment to succeed in their education. Another outcome of a higher self-esteem is that those students chose more difficult goals than students with low self-esteems. She noted that excellent detailed plan for teaching parents and teachers how to teach young students to set career goals.The plan requires a total community effort through educators, parents, and businesses. Students must be given an opportunity to identify and explore their desired careers. They can accomplish this through the â€Å"School to Work Transition† or â€Å"Job Shadowing Program. † Through the cooperative efforts of the entire community, students can identify career choices, set career goals, and have higher s elf-esteems at an early age. Ultimately, they will further their education and have a better chance of succeeding in the â€Å"do or die† world in which we live.CHAPTER Ill Research Methodology This chapter presents in detail the research method and design used, the sampling scheme, the description of the respondents, the survey instrument used for gathering the data, and the statistical treatment of the data. Research Method The major goal of the study was to find out the factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students. The researchers used the descriptive method which is a statistical procedure concerned with describing the characteristics and properties of persons, places or things.It is also based on easily verifiable facts. The descriptive method, describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. It is used for frequencies, averages and other statistical calculations. Research Design T he research plan of the study conducted a survey to Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students in the form of descriptive method wherein the researchers evaluated the factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students.The study made use of personal data sheet and survey questionnaire which is planned to gather quantitative and qualitative information. In which the researchers was able to assess the results that served as the foundation in the making of the conclusion and recommendations of the research. Population Frame and Sampling Scheme The research is focused only on Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) dents; the researchers used selective sampling with the use of target population.The sampling scheme was conducted on Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) to go well with the purpose of the study which is to find out the factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Phi lippines (PUP) students. Description of Respondents A total of 100 students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines were used as the subject of this study. The respondents' ages ranged from 16 years old and above. Survey Instrument The personal data sheet was used as one of the survey instrument to get the exponents' profile, especially age, gender, socio economic status and programs they were in.The survey questionnaire was used as the instrument in gathering the data. There were only one (1) item; the question corresponds to factors affecting program selection of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students in the form of multiple choice questions. Data Gathering Method(s) and Procedures The researchers requested from the adviser to assist in the validation, finalization, and approval of the instrument. The researchers administered the survey in the form of questionnaires to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students.The survey results were s ubjected to data analysis and from the findings, conclusions and recommendations were drawn. Statistical Analysis of Data The researchers used the percentage method and mean value for the analysis of data. The percentage method was used to express how large or small one quantity is, relative to another quantity. It is defined by the formula: The mean is the sum of all of the data values divided by the number of data values. It is defined by the formula: where: I x = sum of all the sample observed n = total number of sample observedCHAPTER RESULTS AND DISCUSSION This chapter aims to present how the data are analyzed, and interpreted. The data were organized as to the condition of the study, which is to determine the factors affecting program selection of selected Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) students. They were presented through graphs and tables for easier understanding. The data were taken from the personal data sheet and the survey questionnaire. Respondents' Pr ofile The following charts and tables show the profile of the respondents as to age, gender, socio-economic status and program.TABLE 1 Distribution of Respondents' as to Age Table one shows the distribution of the age of the respondents. The age of the respondents with the highest frequency is eighteen (18) years old with thirty-four (34) percent while the age with the lowest frequency is sixteen (16) years old, having a percentage of three (3). FIGURE 1 Distribution of Respondents' as to Gender Figure one shows the distribution of the respondents as to gender. Majority of the respondents are females, with sixty (60) percent while the remaining forty (40) percent are males.FIGURE 2 Distribution of Respondents' as to Socio -Economic Status Figure two shows that majority of the respondents, which is 44%, belong to average class (PH 14, 700 – PH 22, 300) of the monthly household income bracket, while 34% of the respondents were classified as lower class (PH 5,200- PH 14, 700). T here were 15% of the respondents who belong to the upper class (PH 22, 300 – Above), and 7% were from the poor (Below PH 5, 200) of the monthly household income bracket. TABLE 2 Distribution of Respondents' Based on Their Program Table three shows the programs of the respondents.The program with the highest weight value is ‘Bachelor in Communication Research' with a mean of 0. 8. Eleven (11) programs tied for the last rank, with 0. 01 mean rating. Respondents' Factors on Program Selection This part discussed the different factors affecting program selection of the respondents. The researchers based the choices on other researches. The researchers provided 24 factors. The respondents were asked to choose five factors. TABLE 3 Distribution of Respondents' on the Factors Affecting Program Selection Table two shows the factors affecting program selection of the respondents.The factor ‘Based on my passion' got the highest weight value with a mean rating of 0. 27, Acade mic achievements' ranked second with a mean rating of 0. 23, ‘My Ideals' on the third with 0. 18 mean rating, and, ‘Compensates high income' and â€Å"Level of intelligence' tied at the rank 4. 5, with a mean rating of 0. 16. Relationship between the Respondents' Profile and Program Selection This part show the relationship of the respondents' profile and program selection by analyzing the data connected to every variable.Syntheses were used in order to support the explanation of the researchers. Based on the data gathered, majority of the respondents are on the 18 year old age bracket. According to Wilkinson (2010), the start of being matured is when a person reached eighteen years old. As a matured student, they are likely to have more confidence in themselves, as they've been around longer and seen more things, which can give them greater understanding of the program your about to select. Based on the data gathered, majority of the respondents are females.According t o Bureau of Labor Statistics, among high school graduates, females were more likely to attend college than males. Once enrolled in college, females were less likely than males to leave college between school years. Females tend to value higher education ore highly than males do and believe it has had a more positive impact on their lives. This is because males often mature more slowly than females. According to Pillion (2006), females are more interested in learning than males because they are more motivated to improve, to achieve their goals and to perform well in whatever they do.And also, according to Mottos (2006), Females love to learn and gain knowledge because they know that being excellent academically means that they would get better Jobs for their future. Based on the data gathered, most of the respondents fall under the average class. According to Midland and Bunker (201 1), people living in average or middle class societies are more involved in school activities. They al so push to raise educational standards and put more pressure on school administrators to fire or transfer bad teachers.And some of the culture and behaviors that middle-class parents pass on to their children about education, such as valuing school achievement and attending school, are thought to come from their middle position in society with a level of income and security that makes them neither rich nor poor. All of the factors mentioned above helps boost educational achievement. Also, students in average or middle class societies tend to be healthier students academically. Based on the data gathered, majority of the respondents came from Bachelor in Communication Research. â€Å"The major is wonderful because the classes you take are so diverse.The professors in this major really care about their students and want us to succeed. The classes are the perfect size to make new friends and get to know your professors well. I would highly recommend this major† (Kari Event, 2006 ). According to Holloway (2006), Bachelor in Communication Research is the mostly picked program by the students cause it helps them to learn and develop the key skills they need to function in life instead of other programs. Communication is a fundamental needed to maintain work relationships, intimate relationships, family relationships and friendship.